jobs in retail

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am thinking of getting into retail full-time. I was wondering if any of you work as buyers, merchandisers, business planners, etc. How do you like your job? How much do they pay entry-level people? Is it difficult to get a job? Is there room for growth?

  2. i'm a buyer right now and i love it! my hours are pretty flex and it's a constantly changing, fast paced environment. there is definitely room for growth if you're with a company that likes to promote from within. you need to be great with numbers and forecasting/analyzing them. is there a specific company you wanna work for?
  3. How great for you!!!! I would love to be a buyer. I applied to Barney's New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. if you don't mind me much do entry-level positions start at?

    I am a Math major and love numbers (what a geek!) but I don't have any experience in analysis. I hope I have a chance!!

    Thank you for your response!
  4. you might check into the Neiman Marcus program, which is specifically for's on the nm website.
  5. i've been in retail for 7 years now (started at 15, i'm 22). i gotta say, retail isn't for everyone, but if you can prove your worth and how well you perform tasks then you can definitely move up quick. Retail is always changing (the us average of turnover for non management positions is about 70% in the industry, and 40% for management positions) and there are always opportunities to move up in companies (depending on the company you work for).

    i'm actually a Visuals Director for Coldwater Creek in SCP and I've only been with the company for a week (less even!) and I LOVE it here! In the company, we have plenty of room for growth, since the company is rapidly growing, and plenty of new stores opening as well. My goal is to be a merchandiser or visual director for a district or region... or even LV! :biggrin:

  6. Saks' decisions are based on what sold previously and reorders for the most part are automatic. Therefore there are very few actual buying decisions to be made.

    Barneys is more designer-focused ... except Co-op denim is somewhat similar to the process at Saks.

    It's really hard to get a job at Barneys corporate unless you know someone, by the way. Most jobs seem to go to people who have connections.... Barneys is pretty small. The fashion director trumps everyone else. (She's awesome though. The nicest person I've ever met in retail. :smile:)

    Good luck!
  7. it depends on your experience, how long you've been with the company, etc.. but i believe starting pay is roughly $37k-$43k?
  8. Hey, thanks for all your replies!

    Wow, looks like it's very difficult to get a job in corporate retail! I wish I could work for Barney's but, unfortunately, I don't have ANY connections (why do they post their jobs on then?...just curious)...I wish I did though. I'll keep applying to other places as well and see how it goes.
  9. I was a buyer, merchandiser and manager in retail for years. It's not for everyone-not the highest pay at first, and long hours. Lots of personalities and egos to deal with. And there is the stress of meeting $ goals, etc. The rewards can be great, however! Maybe you might want to start with a store that offers a Buyer/Management training program?
  10. I just got out of retail. I was assistant manager for a retail (drug store). I didn't like it at all. The pay was 17/hr. It was not worth it for all the night shifts and labor work that they make me do.
  11. I was an SA and I thought it was fun. I lovvvvvvved it. The commission was great and since I was good at what i did (convince people to shop), I got ideal hours... never opened never closed just worked 12 hours a week and with my commission included it evened out to $50/hour give or take. It seemed so easy to me because i love shopping so much, and it was easy to help people shop. I didn't see it as a life long thing though unless I went corporate, plus I moved to NYC.
  12. D & G Rockstar,
    I'm so glad you replied. It's nice to know that being an SA could be fun. I'm considering applying for a part time SA job but people have told me that they are treated badly by snooty customers often. So it's great to hear the other side of the story from you. I really enjoy shopping too and I love to help people very much. This would be a side job since I already have a career as an elementary teacher.
  13. ^^^ You should try it out, it was a side job for me too.. I got it to supplement my shopping income and to get a discount where I shopped, plus all my friends were working there so it was a win, win, win situation. Yea, you get the snooty customers sometimes because the perception is that SAs just want commission. It's a highly competitive environment when it's commission based, but since i didn't treat it like my "career", but more like my "hobby".. it worked out great.
  14. If I were to do it, it would also be a "hobby". I will seriously think about this now. Thanks for your input!