Jobs in higher end stores

  1. I always wondered how do people that work in the higher end boutiques get there jobs? I live in the MD/DC area and am interested in getting another job.

    I was thinking that I might as well get a job dealing with something that I love......BAGS! :smile:How do those people get those jobs? Anyone know.. It seems that they never put "We're hiring" signs outside of the window... I guess it's all who you know huh?;)
  2. I would guess they post openings on their websites.
  3. I don't work in retail but my friend who got a job at Holt just applied. He didn't even bother to check the website or anything - he just waltz on in and asked for the Manager on a not-busy afternoon and handed in his resume. A couple of days later, the Manager called him in for an interview and there he is now.
  4. From what I understand, those in higher end boutiques have to "work up" to them. They start by selling less expensive brands and then eventually get hired at boutiques. It sounds like there's a lot of seniority in these types of jobs.
  5. Yeah I think so to - although you should try to just hand in your resume like posted above - the worst that can happen is that you don't get the job?
  6. I've been working in high end retail after I grad 3 yrs ago. What U need to do, just submit your appl/resume to HR in person or by email. U never know......they don't normally put the sign outside. Just keep applying couples of stores. But, U have to work on your resume and experience for sure if U're looking something like Barney's, Saks or NM. You can try from a smaller boutique and once U get experience, go to dept store. Cos, they will test U on scenario q's, how U handle customers, etc. Study it from blog.
  7. Agreed. I have a friend who works on Rodeo and she only landed the job after years of retail experience in other high end stores. It helps to be hot or polished. She's both and very professional.

    My little sister worked a cosmetics counter in a dept store when she was in college. Maybe try that. She told me that they didn't require any experience, trained her on the job.

    Good luck!
  8. experience and knowing who's who helps too. the high end places are always accepting applications - but hiring is another story.. some places keep your resume on file for 90 days, some for 9 days.. some for up to 3 years or so! so if you have to, just apply every 6 months just in case..

    a good tip is to get hired as a temp/seasonal, get them to like you/your work ethics and your customer interaction, and you'll more than likely be asked to stay on permanently. :smile:
  9. I went on LV's HR page and they have all the info there for openings, even for sales associates. But you have to have experience in luxury retail.. :smile:) Good luck!!
  10. most of the people working at high-end stores have years of retail experience (and sometimes a degree in fashion merchandising or something similar). if they're actively looking to hire people, they might take someone that doesn't, but if they're just trying to fill a couple spots, you're going to need a good bit of experience. most large retail chains do their job applications online now, so just go to websites and start applying (at the very least, their websites will tell you how to go about applying).

    i work at a big-box retail store and we also headhunt, as do a lot of high-end stores. that means that we actively look to recruit employees from other types of retail stores. i know a lot of high-end stores use this tactic as well.
  11. You can always go to the store and just ask :yes: Asking never hurts!
  12. Keep us posted on your job-hunt. I have often fantasized about leaving my job and working in a luxury boutique. Of course, then I wouldn't have the $$ to spend on purses either....
  13. I don't have any first-hand knowledge, but I would imagine that a background in retail would be helpful.

    Working in a nice, elegant store would be a dream.

  14. Oh! It could! Maybe they are trying to get their friends in and don't want you to get the job.
  15. ...this isn't really the way things work...asking DOES NOT hurt.