jobs in advertising/marketing in the fashion world

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  1. hello all!

    i work in advertising right now at a great agency - BUT, how does one move over to the fashion world within Advertising/Marketing? Does anyone have job site that I could go to? ( :

    Thanks!!! :lol:
  2. Hello!

    I hope this answer don't come back to you too late!

    Although a newbie in the real world myself, I would suggest searching a little bit of fashion-related projects within your agency. Try to get to know as many people as possible through the projects. You never know if one day someone has a project openning and your name might just come up! The power of networking is quite amazing!
    If you want to "search" for related job openings, and usually have a well broken down categories for you to search in. They work pretty well in US.. I am not too sure where you currently live in.
    I have been wanted to do consulting in fashion industry as well but I think a simple bachelor's degree just won't cut it :smile:
  3. Thanks!

    I already use careerbuilder and monster... haha, im beginning to think that I need to start networking... AGAIN! haha.
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