Jobs for fourteen year olds?

  1. Where can a fourteen year old get a job? I desperately want to make money, but have no ideas.
  2. BABysit? My daughter made a ton of money helping out a working mom at your age....
  3. I know my local grocery store hires kids to bag groceries at 14, some of my students did that.
  4. I babysit now but only for my parents and next door neighbors, but maybe I should tack up flyers or something...

    Also the grocery store is a good local one doesn't have baggers but I think you can work there when you are 15.

    Thanks for the ideas :smile:
  5. I knew a dad who had his stepdaughter fix up an old lawnmower and she mowed lawns of neighbours and friends...she saved up quite a bit of money that way, actually.
  6. babysit
    paper route
    some fast food places I believe will hire you part time, you can call and ask
  7. try being an extra for tv shows and stuff... it pays well and there's a huge market since there's alot of highschool/teen shows out there
  8. I think I heard that McDonald's hires people who are your age.
  9. you can contact your local hospital and take a first aid and cpr class. it will make you more marketable for babysitting. also put up flyers around your neighborhood.
    my son used to make money walking the dogs in the neighborhhod too.
    Best of luck to you.
  10. you might not be able to find jobs with any large companies because they don't usually hire people that young. but you can always do things for neighbors of friend sof uyour parents.
  11. Ooh, McDonalds? I'll have to go find out :biggrin:

    And I took a babysitting class so now I'm a "Red Cross Certified Babysitter" :supacool:
  12. Try a greenhouse in your area.
  13. I don't really have any suggestions. Everyone had some great advice. Just want to say good job for taking the initiative!!
  14. sell stuff on eBay! once u get the hang of it, u might find some people who will want u to list their stuff for them an u can charge a commission! good luck!
  15. I started working when I was 14 at a convenient store. I made a whopping $2/hr under the table (tells you how long ago that was!). This of course, was before the internet, so I just walked into various places and asked them if they needed help. Dry cleaners, grocery stores, pet shops. You're gonna do better with mom and pop type places. Most corporate stores have age policies and such.