Jobs at Hayden-Harnett... my little cubicle daydream

  1. i came across this link during one of my all-too-frequent perusals of the HH site:

    i just had a nice little reverie about ditching this decidedly uncolorful science career, moving to NYC, and spending my days frolicking around the HH showroom with Toni and Ben, trying on everything in sight, and ending the day on their terrace sharing a bottle of gewurztraminer that they brought back from Alsace. while getting paid. a job at HH may be less glam, but i'm sticking with my version :smile:

    i meet none of the job requirements, but maybe a lucky one of you does?
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. wow! that sounds fantastic...reams of fabric, buckles, and a vase of peonies...

    pass that bottle of gertz! :yes:
  4. Uh, doesn't "intern" mean "unpaid"?
  5. it would be so cool to intern there. too bad my art school's in Missouri :sad:
  6. jandelvis -
    you're too funny.....AND.....GASP....I've had similar thoughts of how cool it would be to work at HH....THOUGH I don't live in Brooklyn, I don't have any real "credentials" - but hey - I LOVE their stuff and would work for free!!!! CRAzY am I????:yes::confused1::nuts::nuts::wtf::rolleyes:
  7. I had seen that and meant to post but forgot. It could be worth it for the (presumed) discounts and everything you'd get to see. Any NY/Brooklyn PF'ers interested? We could live vicariously through you (although I'm sure much of it would be decidedly unglamorous and routine, like most internships).
  8. jandelvis, too cool. You know, it does sound like it's much better to dream about this job than to actually do it. Ah... the smell of leather ... the colors, the sights, the sounds ...
  9. Heh...that's probably true of most jobs. :push:
    That being said, do you think they could use an LA-based design intern? Ehhh? EHHH? Will work for purse!
  10. :roflmfao:

    I think I'll make up a sign and keep it in the car for the next a****** I see panhandling on the street corner. I'll whip it out at the stoplight and wave it in his face.*

    *which reminds me, I don't think I've ever seen a female panhandler...
  11. I would be content just to have a friend who works at HH - Staff Discount - Staff Discount :dothewave:

    And them - I could also get insider knowledge - like what is going up in the sales - :beach:

    Maybe it should be like working for an airline - every family needs to have one member so employed????
  12. I like your version of an HH job. I suspect it would be more like 10 hours a day of stuffing bags in shipping boxes, especially after one of their sales!
  13. I would love to design handbags:girlsigh: