Jobaker's Collection

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  2. I love that Alma. :heart:
  3. Beautiful collection ... especially love your LV pochette family!
  4. Loving the perforated LV!
  5. Great bags, love the Alma and the denim pochette!
  6. cute pochettes!
  7. Thanks, y'all. My babies in the last photo were protesting so here are some close ups. 1) Vintage snakeskin from my mother bought in Mali. To this day my favorite purse and one that I ALWAYS get compliments on. 2) Another hand me down aka "borrowed" from my mother that she bought on while on vacation for cheap. 3) Cute kick around Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. 4) My anonymous purse: a Dolce and Gabbana hobo that holds a ton (had tassels but I took them off).
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  8. Great collection! Love the LV pochettes.
  9. [​IMG]
    Love your pochettes!!!
  10. Love the Fendis- so unique!
  11. Thanks for all the compliments especially for the pouchettes. I wear them as evening clutches and they don't typically receive a lot of attention.

    ValleyOppressed: I love those Fendi's so much esp. that devil bag and the linen/snakeskin strap baguette was one I had never seen and had to have.

    Attached are individual shots of more bags in that purse pile photo. 1) A giveaway from Saks for purchasing something; had woven attachments but I cut them off (I can't stand things dangling from bags). 2-4) SMAK bags in pink, black and white. The bags convert from hobo to open top and the leather is top quality. I'm email buddies with one of the designers (Tarah) and they make quality, reasonably priced bags.
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  12. FINAL 2 FROM THE PURSE PILE PHOTO. I :heart: bag stories so here goes. These two are Devi Kroell for Target. I've had my eye on Devi Kroell for some time now because I try to support women purse designers and I enjoy skin bags. I wanted a Roman bag but my accessory limit is 1500 US. IMHO, no bag/shoe/whatever is worth more - no, not even a Birkin. So I was :yahoo:when I heard about her Target collabo. The other bags were terrible but the clutches are EXQUISITE. Incredible workmanship and quality for the price- $29.99 US. So good I consigned all my other, more expensive evening clutches - the Lauren Merkin Eves etc. and now I only use these two when I want a metallic bag. They are that good.
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  13. very nice collection
  14. Realized I misspelled pOchette as pouchette. Thanks for all the LoVe.
  15. Apple dictionary says that a bag is "a container of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things" so here are 2 more things: monogram cigarette case used as cell case (if you drop your phone A LOT like me get this) and damier wallet.
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