Job woes- please advise!

  1. So I had some great news yesterday; I got a great job offer! Many of you know how horrible my boss is and how I have been anxious to get away. This is my chance! I can't wait!

    So today I came in and gave my two weeks' notice-- and at the end of the day, out of the blue, my boss tells me not to come back! He says I'm a security risk with two weeks' access to a major retailer's files, and that they are going to pay me for the next two weeks, but not to come back in.

    I was floored! Nearly in tears. My boss sat and watched me pack everything and wouldn't let me take any samples with me (I am a graphic designer). So after him reassuring me I was getting my full two weeks pay, I got my stuff together and left.

    When I got home, SO told me I should have gotten his promise in writing. So I immediately called the office and talked to him and he said he'd have HR send it out first thing in the morning.

    SO says I should call HR at 8 AM, and make sure it's being done, and if they don't know anything about it, that I should go into the office at 8:30. That way my boss can't say "she's lying, she just never showed up to work." What do you guys think? Should I be worried? I'm scared now! I can't make it without that two weeks' paycheck. My boss is not nice and a notorious liar but he was very nice about this and professional. So should I call HR tomorrow morning at 8 and go in if they haven't sent it, or just sit back and wait...? My dad says not to worry because if they don't do what they said they could get in big trouble and it's a labor board issue and I could file for unemployment and stuff-- ladies, any advice? Gents, too. Just to alleviate my doubts... :flowers: TIA!
  2. Sounds like a horrible situation! The fact that you even question whether your boss was lying really says alot about what he has done to you! I would go straight in tomorrow if the HR says they dont know anything about it!!
  3. You should definitely go into HR. I'm sure there are ways you can go about it if your boss was actually lying, but that little trip to the office could save you months of legal back and forths.
  4. Well the HR department is in Dallas and I'm in Arkansas. I have to call HR, I can't go :sad:
  5. It's not unusual for a company to let you go, as soon as you give your two week notice. It CAN be a security risk. Not that you are not to be trusted, but they have to cover all of their bases. It doesn't hurt to get it in writing just to be safe.
  6. Also, if you weren't happy, be glad it's over with.
  7. I am :smile: My boss told me to enjoy two weeks' paid vacation.
  8. Definitely call HR in the morning and email them a copy of your resignation notice if you haven't already done so. And although it smarts getting excused as you did, you do get two weeks' paid. I've done the same when I've had direct reports give their notice; it is my choice as their manager to let them stick around that last part of their employment or excuse them.

    Consider what your boss did to you a favor. Now you've got two weeks off and a new job around the corner!!

  9. Totally correct, they did not do anything illegal. Hurtful maybe, but not rare, happens all the time. That said, contact HR tomorrow and if you have someone's e-mail in HR send an e-mail and follow up with a letter that should be sent overnight. State that you gave notice (include copy of voluntary term notice that you gave) and were told to exit immediatly and that you want to know when to expect your final check.
  10. As an HR manager for a large company, I can tell you that it depends on a lot of things including your company's published policies, your state's employment laws, etc. While you shouldn't take your boss' reaction personally, you should definitely call (and e-mail, for documentation) your HR contact ASAP. Hopefully they will be aware of the situation (if your boss did his job looping them in) and you can get everything worked out to your satisfaction.
  11. I agree w/ Balihali...I'd get documentation of this immediately. If you don't get results after talking to HR, then I'd go in to work tomorrow (today, now). Good luck and let us know how this plays out.
  12. OK! I talked to HR and yes, they are honoring what my boss told me. I'll receive my check on October 19th, which was payday anyway, and it'll include the two weeks, my vacation time, and back pay :smile: Now I'm gonna enjoy my two weeks off!
  13. This wasn't an unreasonable or unusual move on your boss's part. There's no law that states he's required to pay you for your remaining time when you chose to quit for a better job offer. If there were personality conflicts, this probably should not have come as a surprise. I was a corporate headhunter briefly, and more than half of the cases I saw, employees were "walked out." Meaning, literally escorted out the very day they submitted a two weeks notice. What is the point of them staying on for another measly two weeks unless they are vital to an ongoing project?

    If you do not get paid, don't worry about it (although it would be sleazy of your boss to offer you the two-weeks pay but then not make good on it).
  14. Enjoy your two weeks off and good luck on your new position!
  15. Good for you!

    Also don't take it personally, all employees are a security risk after giving in their notice. I have seen this done a lot of times, once someobdy refused to leave the office and he was "accompained" to the dor by security... oopsy.

    Enjoy your two weeks off!!!