job satisfaction poll. do you like your job?

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are you happy with your job?

  1. happy

  2. unhappy

  3. neutral

  4. does not apply

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  1. i'm curious to know how many of us are actually happy at our jobs.
  2. i have to say happy :p
    i've been working for years to help my ex bf, now i'm working on something on my own and it feels good :yes:
  3. I am happy with my job, its a lot of hard work but I love it!x:tup:
  4. my job is boring but not stressful so it isnt that bad. What i hate about it is the stuffiness and stuck up structure of the place. It has a real hierarchal(sp?) feel to it.
  5. I can't wait to get there every day, but when I'm finished for the day I hate it! :sweatdrop:
  6. I'm happy. I don't do much. :p
  7. Love it. Can't be quite stressful and demanding, but deep down I love it.
  8. My old job made me so depressed that I had to quit,so I guess that made me unhappy :smile: I don't know if I should answer here since I don't work there anymore, but still.. very much unhappy.
  9. My job is so needless that there is now someone here who does it on a volunteer basis. I still work here and show up every day and they pay me while someone else does my work. Sounds cool, right? No--I feel so guilty! I just have to keep reminding myself that it isn't my fault my job is like this and it is only temporary until I am hired elsewhere.
  10. I have a great boss and though it's not the most stimulating work in the world (zookeeping/working with animals would be my true calling in life) I like my job.
  11. My last job was stressful & I was unhappy. I had no patience left to deal with tourists & finally quit-BEST move I ever made.
  12. I really like my job, it's challenging, intellectual and I like my colleagues.
  13. :heart:LOVE:heart: my job.
  14. I'm happy! :biggrin:
  15. I don't like my job as much as if I got to just take care of puppies all day or something but I like it enough to not dislike it, if that makes sense. I've had jobs I didn't like in the past so I'm pretty happy with the one I have. It makes your whole life suck if your job sucks.