Job question - Copyediting pay?

  1. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Teaching Assistant, working on my PhD in English Literature. I may be able to get some free-lance copyediting work from a local small publishing company. Does anyone know what kind of pay I should expect or ask for? I'm in Oklahoma, not NY, and although I haven't done copyediting per se, I certainly have lots of experience with writing, proofreading, and helping other writers improve their work. I'm meeting with the boss (sole proprietor) Tuesday. Thanks, in advance.
  2. Have you checked out any websites, like That might help to give you a better idea what it would be in your area. Good luck!
  3. Thanks -- I'll give it a look! :yes:
  4. Sorry for the double post; it wouldn't let me edit my last one. I tried a couple of places online, including, but they really only gave yearly salaries for full time employment. I just need to know for specific freelance projects that get jobbed out to me. But, that's all right, I'll muddle my way through. I met with the boss today. He doesn't have anything right now, but said he might send me something if and when they get anything in. It is a small company, and although they are working on a number of projects already, they are past the editing stage. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.