Job:Providing references coming from family business?

  1. so you all know ive been on a job hunting craze.-=[

    honestly is key but...
    do i tell them I worked for family or no? will it lower my chances of getting hired if i do?

    I always get stuck on providing references when they say "dont provide family, friends" but thats all I know.

    I did volunteer work back in h.s for teachers.Its been a long time and I highly doubt the teachers will remember me. I could list my neighbors but we're the type of neighbors thats just say hi and bye because they dont know that much English.

    I really dont know what to do.:crybaby:
  2. Hi Moody, you will need recent references vs. those dating from high school.

    If the family business is your only job you will need to give a reference (of the person who was your "direct supervisor") and you should disclose to the HR person or recruiter that this person is a relative. That way, the company will understand the relationship when talking to your reference.

    More often than not, the phrase stating not to provide family and friends as references refers to ensuring the candidate provides references who can speak first-hand to the candidate's job role, responsibilities, length of time on the job, work ethic, strengths/weaknesses, etc.

    In your situation, if your job with the family business is the only one you've had, even your family member can speak to your work qualities as mentioned above.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your job search! :flowers:
  3. ^ I agree.
    Just be honest and up front about the situation. I think they just say not to list family and friends, because they don't want people listing their mom or bff as a reference, kwim?
  4. Did you work with any outside vendors or clients? They can be references for you! Or maybe you need to get a part time job while you transition out of the family business?