Job Predictor

  1. Just great! I ran into this website today (while being unproductive)- The Job Predictor

    All you do is put your name in and see what job it says you should have. Of course I got the shaft- It says for me "Your ideal job is a Village Idiot". Just great. I feel special. What does it say for you guys?? :Push:

    Ohhhh it says for Vlad: "Your ideal job is a Professional Hippy". He and I make quite the pair huh?

    The Village Idiot and the Professional Hippy will live happily ever after :love:
  2. I really wouldn't consider myself a hippy, hehe. Nerd, if any.
  3. ROFL!!!! I be the Lap Dancer! :amuse: :lol:
  4. Chemlex, Your ideal job is a God for everyone.

    Someone must know me quite well over there :smile:
  5. How's this for a happy little family --- my husband should be a tree surgeon, my 10-year old son should be a rally car driver, my 5 year old daughter should be a pole dancer (!) and me......a housekeeper!

  6. OK, that's better. When I enter my screen name rather than my real name, I get Alien Investigator. Much more glamourous.

  7. Aren't moms housekeepers to begin with? :toung: At least that is what my mom always told us she was for us!! :nuts:
  8. I thought I would try my nick, and have a better shot at something good like the rest of you-- and look what I got!!

    Megs, Your ideal job is a Rear End of Panto Cow :unsure:
  9. Maybe, but I'd rather use that as an argument...."whaddaya think I am?! A housekeeper?!" than something I'd put on my driver's license. Now....alien investigator is something I'd happily write on my tax returns....

  10. I bet if you write "alien investigator" on your tax returns you get audited. . .
  11. Noriko K, Your ideal job is a Animal Therapist.

    hahahah thats great. I dont even really like being around a bunch of animals!
  12. And arrested when the auditor....disappears....
  13. the truth is out there...
  14. M******* Your ideal job is a porn director

    ;) :unsure:
  15. (Real Name) Your ideal job is a Alien investigator.
    (Username/Nickname) Your ideal job is a Lumberjack.

    I think I prefer to be a Alien investigator.
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