Workplace Job possibilities for SAHM

Apr 21, 2010
Hello, I'm a stay at home mom, my hubby works and makes okay money but we're basically living on paycheck to paycheck basis. I don't want a full time job because I love being at home with my baby not to mention the hubby has long varying hours for his work schedule. I would like something part time and wanted to know what some other SAHM did to make some extra cash??? Also a part time office is not an option because pay is low and I would have to pay for daycare. Thanx!


Dec 14, 2007
There are lots of home businesses that friends of mine make extra money doing - Pampered Chef, Avon, Stella & Dot, Silpada, etc. You'd have to do parties for them, but those would be at night and on weekends, so it might work with your husband's schedule. Also, I hear radio ads for I signed up with them once but I didn't follow through with it.


Jun 30, 2010
Are there lots of kids in your neighbourhood? You could maybe babysit for your neighbours or people in your area.

You could maybe sell things online (ebay if you're cluttered, etsy if you're crafty?) and get some cash that way.

I'm not sure what else, really. Once your baby gets to be school aged you could take a part time job somewhere and have more options.


Ready for Summer!!
Dec 20, 2006
I babysat for 8 years to make some extra money. Hated it the last year or so but it did the trick. Started my Pampered Chef business in February '09 and it's the best decision I've made in's like a hobby that pays me $$ LOL!