Job Interview tomorrow!

  1. The weird thing is, I just looked at the confirmation email I got from the company, and while I applied for "Contract Analyst" (I'm desperate) the job they said I applied for is "Product Development|Project Analyst"

    Uhm, so that's odd. The descriptions sound the same though.

    Anyways, they have my resume, but I know to bring a copy just in case. I had to fill out an application online, but nowhere on it did it ask for references. Just where I've worked.
    So do I bring some along just in case? Better safe than sorry, though, right?
    I'm so nervous.

    They said I have an hour long test after the interview- but didn't elaborate on what. My ex-coworker started there this summer and didn't have to take a test. I have no experience in anything besides food service and Insurance claims... but they would know that from my resume... and not call me if that's what they intend on testing me for, right? ugh. Hopefully it's something like spelling and grammar or something :smile:
  2. First of all good luck. I doubt the test is spelling and grammar though, it's probably what is called a psychometric test where they test you on "who you are" if that makes sense, LOL. I have seen these things before and it's really funny because everyone from the board director to graduate analysts in my firm has to take this. You cannot prepare for this because it's about your personality and they just want to know whether you fit into the organisation or not. If you do not fit then that's not your fault but just consider that you would not enjoy working there anyway. Don't try to pretend because unless you are a psychopathic liar they will catch you out since there are questions that are designed to catch naughty liars, LOL.

    Since you are going for an analyst job you are going to have a little numeracy test as well so brush up on your adding and subtracting and may be also a test of verbal reasoning but these two are easy, if you are logical then you just breeze through it.

    Well the numeracy and verbal reasoning takes 30-45 minutes depending on the place you are applying but usually they let you have as long as you want (within an acceptable timeframe) on the psychometric test.
  3. Bee Bee your aviator comment made ma laugh...OUT LOUD!!
    Darwin...GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!! Let us know how it goes!
  4. Thanks :smile: I was guessing grammar and whatever because that's what I had to take to work for Wellpoint; well that and simple proportion questions. Whatever it is it's not something they make everybody do, which you'd think the personality type thing would be universal. My friend is a medical underwriter at this company; she has no idea what it could be either. Oh well. This isn't my dream job so I think I'll stop freaking out. My current company loves me, tells me how valued I am, but I'm just bored out of my flipping mind.
  5. Good luck with it! Not sure what the test may entail but just relax and take your time. :yes:
  6. Good luck!
  7. good luck...just be yourself and relax....dont stress...
  8. Good luck Darwin!
  9. Good luck. It's natural to be nervous, but let your good qualities shine!
  10. good luck and kick proverbial butt
  11. ITA. Toot your horn and let us know how it goes! :wlae:
  12. yep, very best of luck to you :smile:
    Take a copy of your resume with you, but for a first interview, you really should not need to worry about taking anything else. Just try to stay calm (I know its easier said than done), and be friendly and you will be just fine!
  13. awwwww best of Luck dear .. hope it goes excelllent :heart:
  14. Best of Luck!!! Let us know how it goes!!!
  15. Thanks guys :smile:
    It went okay, I guess. It was hard answering most of her questions because my current job doesn't provide outlets for thinking, let alone problem solving.

    The test was on proofing and summarizing statutes. The former was easy, but I didn't know what parts of the statute were important enough to emphasize or whatever, so my summary was probably way too long.