Job interview tomorrow

  1. Ok, I have no idea what to wear tomorrow to a job interview that I have. Its at an automotive shop here in town, and i am absolutely CLUELESS on what to wear because it was totally unexpected.

    I know one of the guys who works there, and they actually called Nathan (my FH) to ask him if he thought I would be interested in coming to work for them. Tomorrow I'm basically going to be going in to talk it over with James (the guy that Nate knows and I semi-know) and Kurt (the owner) and sort of follow around James to see what I would be doing and if i might be interested. I guess you could call it a working interview or something. Kurt is planning on becoming sort of like a CEO type person, so James would be taking over what Kurt currently does, and I would be taking over for James.
  2. Wear a suit. It does not matter if is an auto shop, corporate office, if you show them your are serious about the job and look professional is a huge plus... IMO .... GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. I dont have one. :sad:
  4. Do you have a pair of nice dress pants and a nice blouse r button shirt? that will work 2....
  5. I hear that green is a good color! I forgot why though....

    good luck:tup:
  6. If you don't have a suit just wear black pants and a white shirt. Something plain and simple will do, good luck!
  7. If you don't have a suit wear the most professional outfit you have... slacks, a nice sweater, a button down, etc. Do you have anything in a blazer shape like a cotton jacket that will go with your pants? It will give it a more serious and polished look.