Job Interview tomorrow - any tips? (HR)

  1. hi everyone,

    So I started a job about 9 months ago. When I first started my job, I really enjoyed it. I mean, I had my own office (which was my first), the company is small so it felt like I had control over my department, and my salary was the highest that I've ever received. I think I was really lucky to land the job at such a young age. But I did prove to them that I can really get it done.

    The last couple of months I haven't been all that happy, I was headhunted but turned down the offer to give my current job sufficient amount of time to know for sure.

    So I recently saw a job posting in a similar position that I once was headhunted for and I couldn't resist. I applied and got an interview. I'm taking a personal day tomorrow to go on the interview, but I'm a little nervous.

    Just some background, the headhunter who offered me a position was a client of the company I work for right now. He really liked the way I worked and my personality and thought I was in the wrong field. I am in account sales management (Basically I manage the accounts that my sales team closes) at the moment and he has a recruiting company and thought I would be a good recruiter. But this company has no idea how I work and just saw my resume.

    I don't have any previous recruiting experience however a lot of recruiting has account management in where I do have experience and because my company deals with business solutions, I have had briefly dealt with HR things.

    I know what the job entails but I think I'm just a little nervous and could use you guys out there to just give me some tips or advice so I don't go in there being flustered. I usually don't get nervous but for some reason, I am today. Maybe it's because I didn't expect to get the interview...
  2. Be ready for the following questions:
    1. Tell us about a situation where you did not agree with your manager, and how you handled it.
    2. Describe one of your best projects, or something you felt was very successful
    3. Describe how you determine what would be value added in a sales presentation and why
    I am sure the others will chime in with more..
    but also be ready to ask some questions about the organization and the position. If you get flustered just stop and breathe and think. In an interview, it is much better to sit in silence for 2 minutes than look flustered and caught off guard. Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I think the questions would be fine. I'm not nervous about that. I think I'm nervous because I actually want the job and also because though I feel that I have a clear understanding of recruiting through my previous couple of interviews with the headhunter and the programs my company puts on for our clients, the fact that I don't have direct experience within recruiting makes me nervous.

    But I guess people have to start somewhere and this is a more junior position than the senior recruiter.
  4. You don't need direct experience, you just need to make them think you do. Seriously, many people in positions started with about 60% of the compentancies needed and the smart ones learn quickly as they go. Also, if they ask "tell us about yourself" don't tell them about tPF.
  5. :roflmfao: Oh god. I wouldn't mention tPF - if I get the job, they'll be more aware of me trying to sneak on for a peak!

    Thanks for the advice, I'm just got the jitters! It's like one of those times where you know you've studied and you know you got it down packed but you still got the butterflies.
  6. I know you wouldn't! Have fun and report back!