job interview tommorrow

  1. After so many years of working nites, i have decided that it is time to look for a day job. I have always worked nites in a hospital. have always liked the idea of being home for the children during the day. but with each passing day, month it gets more challenging. i hate the fact that everyone is sleeping when i am awake. not to mention the fact that yes i am home during the day, but i am exhausted and asleep. also since DH is active military,at times, days will go by before seeing him again:cry: . the usual schedule has been: he takes off, and i pull into the garage. :cry: .

    I finally was able to obtain an interview with a pediatric practice. it has been a while since my last interview, and i am so nervous. i should be sleeping, but can't sleep.wish me luck. thanks:smile:
  2. GOOD LUCK! you will be great!!!! You know who you can put down as a personal reference!!
  3. that is so sweet. thank you. i went and bought a suit today.
  4. You Go Girl!
  5. Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow. :flowers:
  6. updated my resume and went over possible questions (i have a great guide that i picked up at a nursing conference) but i am still nervous.
  7. thank you sooooooo much.
  8. Good luck tomorrow!
  9. Best of luck! I have one on the 20th in Chicago so I feel your pain!

  10. i visited the thread. thank you. now i feel more prepared. but still feel nervous.
  11. Good luck!
  12. Good Luck sure you will do interview is tomorrow too (in almost nine hours to be exact)
  13. Good luck and go to sleep soon!