job interview shoes

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  1. do they have to be black and boring?
    i have an interview for an assistant language teacher job abroad and it's my first interview ever, and i'm completely lost. i know not to wander in wearing peeptoes or 5 inch heels or anything, but i've heard people say that only black is suitable for an interview when i was hoping for something a bit less boring. nothing too out there, but maybe something like this:

    will i be frowned upon for not being in boring black?
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    I think the color is perfect, however I would stay with both close toe and heel.
    Good luck!
  3. Depends on what outfit/suit you are wearing. I think those would go well with a light-colored pant suit outfit, or a nice blouse, khaki/beige pants outfit. If you're wearing black pants, I'd still go with black shoes.
  4. ...i once wore white new simples.. i now realize that was probably a bit much! lol!
  5. I would hire you.:shrugs:
  6. Those look professional :tup:
  7. yeah that's what i was thinking... i have lighter coloured clothes but everywhere i've looked on the internet has said black shoes and i was thinking they would look too harsh with my outfit.

    i saw a similar pair, just with a slightly lower heel in the sale at harvey nics, i'm going to go back tomorrow and see if they're available in my size. :smile:
  8. ^I think that would work! I don't see why you *have* to wear black shoes.
  9. i think as long as its a neutral color with a closed toe and heel then its ok. U know wut CL's come to mind when i think 'business' or 'interview' shoes?......LADY GRANTS!!!
  10. I don't think you have to wear black shoes, but I would definitely stay neutral (black, brown, nude). and I agree with kaeleigh- I would stay with closed toe and heel.

    and just my opinion, but black CL's are never boring if you have that glossy red sole :P
  11. ooo which harbey nics?
    i went yday to the london one.
  12. but the first part of my post disappeared
    i meant to say....

    i think they'll look good, id hire (if i was workin) ny one who wore cls =D
  13. Yeah, I think, in general, stay with closed-toe and closed-heel pumps. If you're wearing pants, which would cover your heel, I think those sling-backs would be ok.
  14. I'd have to think about wearing any CLs to an interview. They may make a statement that you wouldn't want to be making. Unless of course, you are applying for a job where CLs and other high-end shoes are the norm. I'd go for something a little more understated and not recognizable.
  15. ^^That is what I was thinking. Some people may not think you need the job if you can afford the shoes, KWIM? It is weird to think like that, but you never know.