Job Interview...OH GOD!!!

  1. I put in my application at this local diner a month ago it seems like...and finally this afternoon as I'm getting ready to jet off to my piano lesson my mom knocks on the bathroom door while I'm putting on mascarea and says that there's a lady on the phone for's the manager of the restaurant and she want's to give me an I'm going Thursday at 9am.

  2. Congrats on getting an in person interview! You are sure to wow the interviewer if you stay calm, act professional, and go armed with some great situations you can speak to when she asks you about different situations you've been in. Give some good, precise, clear examples rather than general answers to questions. Above all, show enthusiasm for the job and the place of work!

    Best of luck to you, let us all know how it goes!!
  3. Oooh how exciting! Just relax, be yourself, dress professional, and be ready to give specifics on how you've handled multi-tasking, problem solving, people interaction, customer service, etc. Sounds cheezy but you can always practice answering interview questions with a friend or in front of a mirror.

    Ummm, sorry but there's no guarantee. Take it from someone who just spent all summer interviewing, LOL! Good luck and please post again to let us know how it went!!!
  4. You will do fine, just relax about it and be honest. If there's something they ask you and you don't know how to do that task, be honest about that but show a real willingness to learn. Your enthusiasm goes a long way with employers.

    Best of luck!!!
  5. Good luck!
  6. Yeah when the lady (my next door neighbors cousin) called me today (she called him first to see what I was) she asked me if I'd ever had a job before and I said no and she said "that's fine no problem." So I'm hoping...I just hope this one woman who's waitressed in every restaurant in our little dink town isn't gonna work there....she always acts like her best dog just died. That's a real bummer. She's never happy or smiling and I'm always happy and smiling!
  7. Missy - please list everything here that shows what you know about working in a diner. (what job specifically??). Perhaps the peeps can throw out some pertinant "interview questions". :smile:
  8. Well I'm going in for a server, cause that would be all I would want to do....

    I know that you absolutely have to be on your toes at all times. Never let a glass get empty, never let them need anything. "Smile and pour coffee" my former waitress Mom says...

    You serve left to right, ladies always order first. Make a little clock in your head and number each person at the table or whatever it is you need to do to keep track of the people, that way no one's order gets mixed up with someone elses.

    Make a fuss over the little kids, parents like it and will leave bigger tips.

    If you don't know the answer to a question, ask your supervisor. Act like you not knowing isn't a big deal with like "oh sir, I, personally don't know the answer to that question but I know someone that does and if you give me 2 seconds I can go and find out for ya!"

    Always know the menu. Front to back. Cover to cover. Prices and all.

    Act like they are you absolute favorite table even when they're not. (It's basically acting! I'm an actor I can do that!) Never be mean with a customer. If they are mean and beligerant to you just smile and be nice to them. Now if someone gets too out of hand, call the supervisor.

    If you're swamped with tables, don't take your scheduled break. When the crowd wears down, then take your break.

    Do as many things at once as you possibly can. If table 1 needs water and table 2 needs ketchup and table 26's steak wasn't cooked all the way, take the steak back with you and while the cook is fixing the steak, bring back the water and the ketchup and then return with the fixed steak.

    Be cheery and happy but not TOO cheery and happy otherwise the customer's will think your weird.

    If they don't leave a tip, don't get stressed, just move on to the next table. Some people don't tip.

    Uh.....I'm done for right now.
  9. LOL!! Well good luck with all that. :smile: I'm just teasing. I've been a server and you will learn lots - sounds like you have most of the basics down. :tup: Formulate answers in your head as to how to address the more difficult of situations tha may arise from the above. As well imagine the side jobs servers do and amp up your enthusiasm for them.

    Servers rarely just serve tables. Dishwashing, food prep and cleaning are also involved so be sure to not display any diversions to those activities. Enthusiasm is key.. but keep in mind they know you are a first timer. :smile:

    Good luck!!! :wlae:
  10. Good luck, Missy! Let us know how it goes!
  11. You will do great!!! Goodluck!
  12. One of the most important questions they will ask you is how you would deal with a rude or demanding customer or one that is unhappy with their food?

    Also as someone who waited tables for a couple years as a second job, fawning over tables annoys people. There is a very fine line between serving people and being up their @sses. Good servers know how to walk that line.
  13. I TOTALLY agree Roo. I had a waitress one time that sat down at our table with us told stories and jokes and did everything but bring us our food. I think you have to be charming and perky and willing to do anything for the table, but don't walk up and say "OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! WHERE DID YOU GET IT!? Oh I know the other day I went in to this store...." no no no no NO! If you like their shirt... like it....don't exclaim it to the entire restaurant.

    As for how would I deal with a rude or demanding customer? I would do my best to see that they are made happy. If their meal was not out on time I would speak to my supervisor about getting their price knocked down or off entirely. Or something along those lines. If they crossed the line for me I'd go straight to my supervisor.

    As for a customer that is unhappy with their food I would try my best to get it right the first time, be attentive to their order and mark down the no tomatos or no parsley that way it would come out right the first time, before leaving the kitchen with the food I would check it myself to make sure that what they ordered with or without the extras was what was on the plate.....but, nothing is ever perfect and if there was an item that came out with parsely and it was brought to my attention I would return it to the kitchen until the customer was satisfied and try to be as understanding as possible.

    This is a little nothing town and the folks around here will eat pretty much anything you put in front of them....but there are always your out of towners! lol.
  14. Missy, from everything you have written so far, you will do great!! Stay positive and confident and be friendly and happy in the interview! Good luck!
  15. Good girl! :yes:

    One last tip and this is EVER SO IMPORTANT:

    Get acquainted with support pantyhose. I am not kidding. If you don't wear them, you will have cramping and pain in your legs, especially when you go to bed. Also a good pair of shoes will save your life as a waitress.