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  1. Hi Guys, im applying for a job. on the application it says bring the following things to the interview
    - Pen
    - Information
    - Refrence

    what would you say Information and Refrence means? :confused1:
  2. I don't know what Info means.
    But References means bring a neat copy of people that will vouch for you 3-5 people is good. Make sure they're not all young friends of yours, but previous co-workers, bosses, adults, etc. . .
  3. Information may mean your drivers license etc and always bring a copy of your resume. Swanky is right about the latter! Good luck!!!
  4. aaah, good thinking Megs!
    Listen to her!:yes:
  5. To add to SMO3's post, the reference list should have the person's name, address and phone number. Information I am not sure about, but I would bring a resume, identification and anything that might be a demonstration of your skills as related to this job only. For example, if this is a job doing photography, bring some examples of your work.
  6. Yep or portfolio if you have one... always better to bring more than less! And research the company- show them you know them ;)
  7. Thank You guys very much!!
  8. What they said, and good luck!
  9. Good Luck

    information, may be what you would need for your I-9, 2 pieces of ID, preferably you Drivers license and social security card.
  10. thanks tink.
  11. they may also want a copy of yr social security card and liscense ie maybe id to get in and if they want to hire you put the paperwork together asap like with payroll or insurance