Job Interview for Sales Position at Holt Renfew

  1. I am quite excited to have been invited for an interview for a part time sales position at Holt Renfew (Canadian high end department store selling all the designer goods (LV, CL, Tiffany, etc)). However, I have ZERO experience in sales and am wondering if anyone knows of any good websites that are dedicated to preparing for a a sales interview, or if by your own experience you could share some of the questions asked in a sales interview.

    I have googled a lot and have found some good websites and I presume they will also ask the more standard interview questions that are not specific to sales, so I do feel fairly prepared but my lack of sales experience makes me nervous.

    They know I have no sales experience as I was up front about that when applying and I still got an interview so I guess that is a good sign.
  2. I have friends that have gone & they will ask you a lot of scenario based questions like tell me a time you provided exceptional customer service etc. Which location if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Don't worry so much about it. Just be enthusiastic. When hiring for sales reps, that's the #1 thing they look for. They can't resist someone who is perky (try not to look pretentious about it) and enthusiastic. Trust me. If you're not confident. Act like it. It will totally get you the job, with or without experience.
  4. I agree, when I did some management roles in a department store I looked for someone who was confident and who was personable. Just remember, you'll be talking to people 100% of the time. They can teach you how to sell properly but they cannot teach you to approach someone with confidence and who is generally all around nice.
  5. Good luck and let us know how it went!!

  6. wow! good luck!
  7. Thanks all.

    I am confident in my customer service skills and am a personable, enthusiastic person, who likes talking to people (particularly about designer goods) so hopefully that will help. I feel confident that I can answer scenario questions related to customer service but not related to sales as I've never been in that scenario.

    I am worried they will say "Sell me this (insert any object sitting on her desk)".
  8. Sounds great! Like you mentioned, the fact they still want to interview you even w/o the past sales experience is a really good sign!

    If you are concerned about the potential "sell me this ___" question, then you could try practicing either with a close, trusted friend or by yourself in front of a mirror (cheezy but it works).

    You're on the right track with your customer service experience plus your passion about designer goods so just go in there and knock 'em dead! And please let us know how it goes! :okay:

    Oh and be sure to ask them questions about their training programs, how employees are evaluated, career pathing, etc...
  9. Much Much luck to you!

    From my experience they do ask a lot of scenario based questions - "What would you do if you knew a co-worker was stealing? Tell me about a situation when there was a problem at work/school. How did you deal with it? What was the outcome? What is your worst trait?"

    My experience has been to answer honestly but always say something positive in the end like how the solution you came up with to the problem helped the company in (insert here) way.
  10. I can't really practice this as I have no way of knowing what item she might ask me to sell her - could be absolutely anything. I hope, should this come up, that the item will not be something really obscure and something that I can come up with its benefits on the spot.
  11. True if it does come up you won't know which item it could be...I guess you could try thinking how you'd answer anything from a clock on the wall, a nice pen, cell phone, etc...

    Yeah, that's part of the skill in interviewing is being able to think on your feet!

    Whatever happens, you really sound like you've thought it through thoroughly...showing up prepared for an interview will impress your interviewer for sure!! :wlae:
  12. Thanks for the words of encouragement, pursegrrl.

    Best wishes to you tomorrow!!
  13. Remember, sell features and benefits if you get the "Sell me this" question.

    Talk about how great the product is and how it will benefit the customer (the interviewer). I've done this several times in interviews. Key thing to remember - Features tell, Benefits sell!
  14. Dress to kill and wear one of your designer'll slay them just by looking like a million bucks. Good luck!!!!
  15. Yes, I know this. As mentioned, I just hope I will be able to think of all the item's benefits on the spot, given that it could truly be anything.

    Thanks, all.