Job Interview Attire & Hairstyle

  1. What do you wear and how do you style your hair?

    Pants or skirt or dress?
    Low ponytail or down?

    I know it probably depends on what type of industry you're interviewing for but I'd like to know what everyone generally wears.

    I'm in the IT field and I think I'd wear a S/S shirt, collared probably with dark grey or black pants and my black CL 100 heels. I'm not sure if I should wear my hair in a low ponytail, completely down or with the sides up (I have long hair just past my bra strap). Please help!
  2. I work in finance and it is usually a black, navy or gray suit or in summer a twinset with trousers. It doesn't matter if it's a skirt or pants as long as you are confortable. Accessories should always be low key. I never pay attention to hairstyle. I'm in NYC and CLs draw a lot of negative attention to interviewees. There are way too many snarky comments made about them, especially by men (!) which is pretty sad. I would choose a more nondescript shoe if possible.

    Corporette also has good advice.
  3. Are you a programmer/developer? Those interviews are really casual. My DBF went to an interview wearing a tshirt, dark jeans, and a cardigan. His friend is a game designer, and went for an interview at EA Games wearing a button up shirt and black jeans. Of course, it's always good to dress on the more conservative side, but I think a dress might be too formal for your field-pants and a dress shirt or nice blouse would probably suffice. As for hair, I don't think it matters too much.

    For interviews, I usually wear a suit (I'm trying to get a job in HR, so it's a bit more formal) and black pointy flats. My hair is chin length, so not much I can do with that :p
  4. I would wear my hair in a ponytail, it's neater and just seems more professional
  5. Your outfit sounds fine, although I have to agree with wearing your hair up and passing on CLs. I think they're a little too flashy for an interview. After you get the job, bring 'em out.
  6. Your outfit sounds fine for IT, you can do your hair any way you like as long as it's neat and not in your face, and I agree with everyone else about skipping the CL's
  7. Another vote for skipping the CLs for an interview. They just seem to elicit reactions that are not always favorable, and they are very noticeable. You are there to get the job, not have people focus on your shoes. Bring them out later.
  8. I've never thought about an interview hairstyle; I always just straighten mine and wear it down.
  9. In very conservative environments you should wear it up/back but for most industries these days it's fine to wear it down as long as it's neat, not in your face, and you don't play with it. Regardless of industry, I'd recommend wearing it up if you tend to play with your hair.
  10. Businessmen comment on your shoes? I would have never expected that!
  11. ^^^ absolutely! If they see a candidate wearing certain labels they automatically assume that they don't really need a job. Men make the most comments about what women are wearing. They notice shoes, bags and jewelry. I think when interviewing you want to be remembered for your interview skills and presence not your accessories so I tell everyone to be as conservative and label-free as possible.
  12. I've always been torn about hair as well. It sounds like your hair is not too long, so I think leaving it down is okay. My rule of thumb is, style your hair in a way that's most comfortable for you so that you won't be messing with it during the interview. For instance, if you have bangs that you might need to be pushing back behind your ear every now and then, I'd pin them back. I have mid-length hair and just put it up in a simple ponytail.

    As for clothes, I alternate between a black suit with pants, and then knee-length pencil skirt. If I'm wearing the skirt, I wear black pantyhose.
  13. I would think not to carry a Louis Vuitton monogram bag or anything obvious like that, but I wouldn't expect most men to notice a simple black CL versus a simple black payless. Most men I know surely don't. Good to know.
  14. OMG I just talked to my brother who is a recruiter (has worked at Amazon and Microsoft). He told me that applicants come in wearing jeans and cargo shorts and it's totally acceptable! I am surprised!

    If it were me, I'd stick to the traditional look of a skirt suit, hair down but well combed and neat looking.
  15. If you are interviewing for a management position, I'd say wear suit. Otherwise a nice shirt and pair of dress pants would be fine as you are in the IT field. Most people are quite casual in this industry.