Job Interview and Salary Negotiation

  1. Hello everyone

    would appreciate your feedback please.

    i went for a job interview, was asked my expected salary and I gave. Thereafter i was offered the job on wednesday by the new firm and on that same day, my current employer gave me my annual pay increment (which was much higher than the usual increment we get previously).

    I was told by a few pple that I should negotiate for a higher pay. And after consulting my friend who works in an employment agency, I decided to give it a try to ask for a slightly higher pay.

    Usually the new firm is very quick and has been giving me prompt replies (within the same day). But after I told them about my desire to negotiate, they told me they will review and get back to me asap. But it has been about 2 days and no reply.

    just wondering... is it normal that interviewees negotiate for higher pay after they are selected? Does it reflect badly on the person?

    and how would you react if you are in this situation?

    so sorry about the long post. I am not sweating over this but just curious whether it was a bad move.

    thanks alot! :heart:
  2. it doesn't reflect badly... alot of ppl negotiate for higher salary and yo're smart to do that.

    give them another day or so and then call or email to follow up on issue....
  3. They might not have liked it because you did already give them an expected salary and now you go and change your mind on them trying to get more. Perhaps they were not expecting to pay as much as you are now asking so now they need to really think about it and figure out if it is worth paying more,etc. Who knows what they are thinking really as every person/company is different.
  4. ^ i agree. i don't think it's wrong to negotiate salary but might not have been best to do AFTER you've been selected but when they first asked you.
  5. I think the thing is to not even propose a number at all. Say something like "I would appreciate a fair offer".
  6. Did you explain to them why you want a higher salary? I probably would have said, "I know I had explained that my expected salary was $xxx but after we talked, my current employer came to me and due to my hard work, etc. has increased my salary to $xxx. I still would love to come and work for your firm because of xyz, but this new salary increase is something I would have to factor into my decision. Is the salary we previously discussed negotiable?" That way they know it's not just you being greedy, but because you got a competing offer.
  7. As a former corporate headhunter, I can assure you this is a very, very bad move and could give you the boot from a new job before you've even started. I would not recommend this. Trust me, they've got their #2 choice lined up if you are not ready to go. I have always, without exception, dropped people who came back after a counter-offer was made from their old company and tried to leverage it. It really demonstrates that money is the only important thing, versus working environment, company values, etc.

    If you've accepted a job offer after they already met your salary requirement, it is extremely bad form to go back and say, "Well, now I want a higher salary."

    If money is the most important thing to you, then take a counteroffer from your current company. But under no circumstance should go try to barter for a higher salary than your stated salary expectation simply because someone told you that you deserve more.

    I think the fact that this new company that is normally respond quickly to your questions has suddenly been a bit quiet is a bad sign. I would just say that you didn't realize it was such a faux pas and you are really looking forward to signing official papers and starting work.

    But again, if it's just the money, just take the counter-offer.
  8. ITA on this with you.
  9. I agree with the majority of posts; it's not a good idea to raise your salary expectation after you've already given them a number.

    That said, however, you really should follow up with them to see where they stand.
  10. thanks for the different views!

    I did explain to the new company what happened. I didn't demand a higher salary, I asked them to review my request and let me know.

    I reflected on this thereafter and I guess I am at peace that I asked. The situation is unique here as the new company stressed several times that the job is highly demanding and very stressful. They indicated that there won't be a real weekend. Being very 'evil-ly' realistic, when given the approx same pay, it seems more logical not to load too much on myself. Well, I'm being evil here... I do like the new job actually.

    Will follow up and see what they say. In any event, I would appreciate a reply from them since they promised to do so.

    anyway, am glad I learnt something from this and I am glad that I asked for views here! :heart:

    thanks alot!
  11. After 2 days with no response you really do need to follow up with them.

    As far as the salary negotiation, if this position doesn't pan out, you can chalk it up to lessons learned. I agree with the others that it is not good protocol to raise your number once you've given one. It's best to start higher than you might expect to get (within reason) so you have some room to negotiate downward and still end up where you want.
  12. yep, indeed, it is lesson learnt. Won't want to commit the same mistake again.
  13. ^^ Yeah I posted at the same time as your earlier one...
  14. If I was the employer, I'd feel a bit...'iffy' if you requested a higher pay AFTER the fact that you were hired. Esp. when you said something different at the interview. GOOD LUCK THOUGH!
  15. As someone who has both negotiated a higher salary prior to accepting a job, and also decided not to negotiate a higher salary, I think you definitely did the right thing. The way I looked at it is, the worst thing they can say is no, and at least you tried and aren't accepting a job that you will later look back on and regret not counteroffering. This is truly the only time that you have any leverage whatsoever, since your current job increased your pay and the new firm wants you, so I really wouldn't worry about it. I have never, ever not gotten a job because I negotiated my pay.

    Let us know how it turns out!