Job Interview and it's gonna be 95 degrees...

  1. Girls, I'm so excited! I just found out I've got an interview Monday for a position that sounds made for me! :wlae:

    Now I'm stressing over how to stay cool AND which bag to wear! I don't have a lot of summery clothes, much less dressy work/interview clothes! We're in a heatwave in Seattle (much like rest of the country I'm sure) and we don't do very well with super high temps. Guess I need to crank the AC in the car!

    I work in IT and can wear jeans and sandals to work so I'm gonna cringe putting on a suit, hosiery and pumps but I'm gonna look hot :P . I'm going to wear a dark olive green suit (light wool, 3 button, single-breasted, with a just above the knee length straight skirt with a small front slit.) I'm hoping to stay cool by just wearing a light cotton blouse underneath, black mid heel pumps (probably my trusted Via Spigas), nude hosiery and jazzing things up with a Juicy necklace and earrings.

    So...which bag to wear? I'm in love with my mono Speedy and Saleya PM, but I don't want to scream "LV" so the Speedy is probably a no-go. Is the Saleya too "casual" of a style to wear with a suit? Is Damier OK to carry when you have black shoes? [check my avatar]

    I might carry my IF Sweet Dreams hobo (black) but it has a lot of gold studs on that too 'casual' with a suit? I'm sorry, guess I should post pix :Push: .

    Any advice? Maybe just go shopping for a black bag?

    Sorry if this posted in the wrong place - I'm just so excited!! :yahoo:
  2. I think the Damier will be fine. I don't know what the Salyea looks like.
  3. BTW: good luck.
  4. thanks coachwife! [The Saleya is in my avatar ;) ...]
  5. Oh you poor thing! Yesterday I had to go to downtown L.A. to conduct some business and at 10am it was already like 90 degrees and horribly humid so I feel for you! On top of that, the lot I parked in was 4 blocks away from the building I needed to get to! I knew this might happen so I only did minimum make up and finished it in a restroom when I got there before my meeting.

    Good luck! You're going to look amazing!
  6. According to, it will be in the mid 80s on Monday. Today/tomorrow will be the hottest days, about 90-95.
  7. Whew! Thanks Roo!!
  8. No kidding! This heat is getting old! :rant:

    Good luck at the interview, girlie!
  9. I think the Damier will be fine. It will be a lot better than the monogram. Wow, IT huh?? I hope you get it & Good luck! =)
  10. Def Saleya. Good luck!
  11. It sounds like a gorgeous suit!

    Are nylons mandatory if your interview is for a job in a relatively laid back environment? I understand the suit, but am just wondering if you could cool it off w/ no nylons and lighter shoes.

    Either way, you'll look great. Just blast the air and park close. Maybe even take a cab if you can't park close by. Once you get in the air-conditioned office building, the muggy feeling will wear off right away. Good luck:smile:
  12. Thanks MandM! Yeah, it's a pretty laid back environment but dressing down for interviews is pretty frowned upon in the IT realm up here.

    Boy, I wish I could skip nylons but I'm afraid they are a must with this suit. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel 'finished' in a light wool, tailored suit unless I am wearing them. And, I'll admit, a little control top helps keep things where they're supposed to be :P . Legs? Well, mine are super pale year 'round. Call it 'porcelain' skin or 'pasty,' bottom line is they are day glo white (love the Scottish ancestry...I don't tan at all, bleeh)!! So while my legs are in great shape, I am self-conscious about them being so pale which is why very sheer hose over them helps.

    I will definitely park close by and finish putting on makeup when I get there as was in another post.

    Thanks so much !! :flowers: