Job dilemma

  1. Hi all!!! I don't even know where to begin. I work in finance/accounting and have been at my job for the last 3.5 years. Last month, we had two people leave our department of 5 so basically I've been doing all of the legwork --- payroll, a/p, a/r, budget reporting, you name it... i've been doing it. So a couple of weeks ago, my boss told me that she proposed that I get a raise and a title change because I do so much more... I was estatic and didn't expect this from her. Then last week before she left on vacation, before she walked out the door, she stated that what she told me fell through and just left. So of course, the first thing i do is pull up the budget for next year by personnel and dept. I find out that of course i'm getting the title change but no salary change and that she's getting a 7K raise... so i'm am just pissed off.. not that she got it and I didn't, but more because they recognize i do so much, yet fail to recognize that monetarily... I just want to leave. I decided that I am going to aggressively job search.. despite this is a crucial time of the year for us. It's year end, our audit is in a couple of months, etc etc. I mean, it's like i'm sooo stressed out at work for nothing, ya know??? And since this is a not for profit job, there's no bonus at the end of the year...

    So here is my dilemma: I have an interview tomorrow AM and I have visitors on thursday AM that don't have a key to my apt and need one. I don't know if i should just call in sick tomorrow and thursday OR just say i have doctor's apts on wednesday and thursday. Reason is that right now we're being internally audited and heading towards our year end at 10/31/07... so I know if I'd be given the time off if I ask for it, ya know?? And i need to go on this interview tomorrow.

    Can you think of any other way I can do this without calling in sick both days?? I've never called in sick back to back days before and at the same time, why should i feel bad.. my job is so stressful right now since we're shortstaff (and I'm doing all the work), it's making me age faster!!:cursing:
  2. If you plan on leaving soon, whats it going to hurt to finally use some sick days?
  3. Maybe you could say you are having a doctor's appointment tomorrow, then call in sick on Thursday. Usually the office will expect you return to work after your appointment. You may need to change your suit before walking back to your office so people won't know you had an interview. Just keep one thing in mind, if you are out for two days, those two days' work is still waiting for you to complete when you return.

    It is always the staff does the work and boss takes the credit. Believe me, you are not alone. But, don't ruin the relationship between you and your boss, in case the new job requires reference from previous jobs. Don't show your anger to anyone else until you receive an offer. Good luck!
  4. Thank you so much for the advice.

    I don't plan to ruin my relationship w/ my boss. I do have a lot of respect for her. Since my current job is unaware of me wanting to leave, I can't use them as a reference now.

    I told my friend about the doctor appt tomorrow sick on thursday thing and she said it didn't look right at all. It should be the opposite. Oh well, i guess I should get back to work and finish my current projects before the end of the day.
  5. In light of what your boss told you, I really dont feel you owe them anything right now Sherry. You have done the work of 3 people, had that fact recognised, and then been told, oh well thanks, you will get a job title promotion but no salary increase!! Err, hello, we dont work for our health, we work to pay the bills, and you are doing much more than you are contracted for, for no benefit or bonus, and its taking a toll on you, that is not right :sad:.

    I would take your two days off, calm down, do well at this interview, and, imo, in just these two days they will realise what they are missing (especially now with 2 recent leavers! ;)). If you get the job, and like it and then tell them you are planning to leave, I think they will miraculously find a budget for a payrise next year, but these two days are nothing to them, but could hold the key to your future :smile:
  6. ^^^ You're right babe!!

    Exactly, i just need to be in the right mindset for tomorrow. ..

    I just need to be told that i don't owe my job anything.:noggin:
  7. yeah, you don't owe them anything. You know they'd screw you in a heartbeat. Good luck on the job search. Sounds like it's really time for you to leave.