Joaquin Phoenix

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    Even stars clean out their cars! Joaquin Phoenix gets a helping hand from a female companion as he hoses down his Lexus (after getting some shoes and a skateboard out of the way) at an L.A. gas station on Saturday.
  2. That's so normal!!!!
    I wish he'd clean my car out!
  3. Hes' really cute!
  4. he's so cuteee :love:
  5. I absolutely LOVE THIS MAN. I wanted to name my son Joaquin however my DH vetoed my decision! lol
  6. :yes: It's good to know movie stars are normal like us...sometimes
  7. Even when he's just cleaning his car out, he's gorgeous!
  8. that looks like a vaccuum to me... :confused1:

    either way, he's hot! and he cleans!
  9. Hellooooo sexy! :love: He's my dream man.
  10. I love a man who can clean! :p
  11. ^^ditto!
  12. he is so hot
  13. He is gorgeous! He so cute!
  14. haha, that's funny, love him!


  15. Very cute!! Like him...great actor.