Joanne's (JoV) Collection

  1. I'll start with these:
    CIMG0297.JPG CIMG0298.JPG
  2. gorgeous! the wapity is so cute and I love the name!
  3. I LOVE THE HOGAN!!!:love:
  4. I love the hogan too -- what a beautiful color combo!
  5. Thank you:biggrin:
  6. Awwww..very nice.
  7. Love the Hogan...very nice.
  8. Trying to post more, forgot what I did last night.
  9. Love the wapity, very cute and the colour combo has so many pinks !
  10. Very nice Hogan. Had serious thoughts about getting it during Boxing week (it was on sale :smile: ), but ended up with a pink Gucci, but I still think about that bag......................oh, just thought about it again..........................
  11. very cute!
  12. Cute wappity! It's growing on me!!!
  13. JoV needed some assistance setting things up, so here's her collection. I'm sure she'll give some descriptions shortly.
    CIMG0297.JPG CIMG0300.JPG CIMG0301.JPG
  14. Three more...
    CIMG0303.JPG CIMG0304.JPG CIMG0305.JPG
  15. Thank you Vlad, and sorry about the "bulk" mailing.:shame:

    They are: Isabella Fiore in Pool, My Flat in London and 2 Fendi Baguettes (one is black cashmere) with an old Fendi Portfolio Bag.

    Next post is: My Damier Backpack (a favoriate) with a Cherry Blossom Pouchette. Coach Totes, one from Resort Collection and the Holiday Patchwork Tote. Then another Gallery Tote (because I couldn't wait for the Holiday to come out) and the Ocean Legacy Duffle from last year.