Joan Van Ark terrible scary plastic surgery

  1. wow... speechless. i don't even know what to say...
  2. Oh, wow . . . that looks like the effects of a chemical peel plus the facelift.

    Um . . . . maybe it didn't heal fully?
  3. at least her clutch is cute :s
  4. oh ya.....poor thing should have waited a few more days before going out...
  5. Um . . . and if she had something to drink at the event, that's not going to do much for the healing process.
  6. umgh.... this picture scared me.....
    someone pulled the skin on her face too damn
    they owe her a refund
    what in the world
  7. Yup. You said it!
  8. She looks like a corpse. Why the hell would she go out on the red carpet looking like that? I'd be afraid to go to the grocery store!
  9. Yeah, It's not even about the way she looks... it's what the make up could irritate her skin when it's that sensitive after a peel. Yuck.
  10. I saw this on gofugyourself. Scary! What I don't get is, why the heck would she go out in public looking so awful?
  11. Ladies, I don't know anything about plastic surgery. From the responses I am reading on here ... Am I too understand she simply has gone out before her face has healed? That she should hopefully look better? I thought this was the final product and it scared me.
  12. sad
  13. ewwwwwwwwww, goodness, she just looks awful!
  14. yeah she should have thrown out that invitation...ick