Joan Shepp...The Good, Bad, And Ugly

  1. Have any of you girls bought bags from Joan Shepp? What was your experaince?
  2. I bought my Bbag from them in March. The people that helped me were really nice & held the bag overnight for me while I made my decision.

    Another plus, is because they're a tiny store, they tend to get overlooked, so they have a few of the rarer/hard to get bags than get sold out quickly in the department stores. Like now, they have a ton of Chloe and Balenciaga in stock (I was there yesterday-I work right next door).

    The only bad thing is that they don't have a ton of selection and tend to stick to "safe" colors like black, greys & neutrals. I wanted a blueberry bbag, but they had only ordered a few neutral colored ones. I wish they'd order a few brighter colors each season.