Joan Rivers Red Carpet

  1. For all us Joan Rivers fans who miss her reporting from the Red Carpet for the Emmys she is doing it all uncensored at live from her beautiful apartment :party:!
  2. Yay!!! I think she is so funny.
  3. What?! She's not on the TV Guide channel anymore? I was looking forward to tomorrow's show!!! :sad:
  4. Huh? I keep seeing these TVG promos for Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna. Won't Joan and Melissa be on ANY of the TV stations?
  5. ^^Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna? I like both of them but I don't think they can really do the job. We need Joan & Melissa!!
  6. That's why she is doing her own show from her apartment....TV Guide sacked her and Melissa. I'll be watching her blog and E's coverage of the red carpet at the same time.
  7. ^^Stupid TV Guide Channel...

    Well I'm glad you posted this then. I would have been watching tomorrow expecting to see Joan and not understand what happened to her. I plan on watching her on her website too. I'm sure it will be interesting to hear her "uncensored" views. ;)
  8. :wtf:That has got to be THE stupidest decision made by any channel since E! let them slip through their fingers in some deal or other a few years ago, I don't remember the details, but what else does TV Guide channel really have? I have considered Joan and Melissa to be their reason for existing.
    A resounding classic AOLamer style "ME TOO!" to all that. Thanks coldplaylover, I guess I will have to figure out where in the world the laptop is, find a splitter and get downstairs all hooked up.

    On the positive side, both nature and programming directors abhor a vacuum, so I am confident that SOME network is already talking to Joan's people...

    Oh, and what - I mean - who - will you be choosing for your Emmy-viewing attire? I am leaning toward my favorite red salwar kameez from Rajahstan, embroidered past all reason, but such fabulously light mulmul it feels like you are not wearing anything!
  9. I'm looking for her but can't find it. :sad: What am I doing wrong? I tried both and
  10. ^^Never mind...I found it. I thought it was a live feed. Looks like it's a blog that is updated every 15 minutes. I think she's recording segments that we can view later.

    So far, she is RUTHLESS!!! Yikes!
  11. I love Joan's wicked sense of humor.
  12. Both E and the TV Guide channels are total fools!!!! Who do you think made an 'event' out of the red carpet arrivals??? She built this out of nothing. Joan Rivers is a genius...