Jo Malone Skin Care

  1. I just bought some new Jo Malone products and LOVE them. I bought the honey under eye cream and it is great, it smells nice and is so light and soft. I also have the 2 face serums. You use them before you put moisturizer on and they are great too. I ordered the camphor cleanser and want to try a moisturizer but need to see which one. They were out of the shampoo and conditioner, I wanted to try that too.
    Anyone else try her facial products?????
  2. I've never tried any of their face products, but I'm a huge fan of their lotion. I especially love the Orange Blossom.
  3. Well I got hooked on the Jo Malone perfumes and body lotions......
    Then I started to try the skin care products and they are fantastic. I am 40++ and have sensitive skin that sometimes gets dry so some things work and others don't. I have used LaMer and DHC and like them. I used things from the drugstore too. Chanel did not work--I hated the smell of Chanel face stuff.

    So I bought quite a few products from Jo Malone. I have the camphor face wash, the avacado face wash and they are great. I also bought the moisturizer serum and another serum --both which you only need to use a few drops. I use the eye cream and night cream and also have the SPF 15 cream. The stuff is great. They have a blemish serum that works great..... No reactions, the smell is wonderful and my skin seems so smooth. I am lucky my 2 friends can get this for me from work with 40% discount and that is very nice of them.
    If anyone is looking for a new skin care line you should try some samples next time you are at a mall that has a store that sells her stuff.
  4. Thanks Gillianna, i have been dying to try her parfumes, do they really smell as good as everyone says they do ?
  5. I've heard good things about the Jo Malone Skin Care line, and the reviews on MUA are pretty good. Does anyone here use any Jo Malone products? I'm interested in trying the Green Tea and Honey Eye Cream and the Jojoba Day Moisturizer.
  6. Has anyone every tried the Jo Malone Skin care line.
    I just ordered the Green Tea & Honey eye cream from Holt Renfrew, and was wondering if any one had tried her skin care.
    Thank you
  7. Any one.
  8. I LOVE her skin care products. The eye creams are great. I use her face wash, night cream, mask, face serums, sunscreen lotion and body lotions and perfumes. I am hooked on her stuff. I have given up all my other face products to stick with her line. It works for me. I have been using her stuff for a few months.
    I wish in the states we could get her makeup......
  9. I havent, but I have looked at her skincare line a few times and wondered about it myself.
  10. I use that very eye cream. I LOVE it!