jo malone scents

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  1. so i got a trial size of jo malone's nectarine and honey scent and NM last week and i wore it today for the first time and i must say i LOVE it. do any of y'all have any of her stuff? does the smell last long and is the quality good? i'm thinking about ordering some, but it's $90, so i figured i might as well get some reviews before i do it. i think it'll be great for spring and summer, i wear Chanel No. 5 elixir sensuel usually and i think it's a little heavy for warm weather.

  2. I don't have any of her stuff but I'll try it. $90? Wow! It must be good.
  3. lol i know my Chanel only cost $57 (probably because it's the less-popular oil-based, but it smells slightly different than the regular and i love it 1000x more!).

    i can't stop sniffing my freakin' arm. this nectarine stuff smells soooo good. not citrusy at all, i hate citrus scents, it's more peachy with a note of honey.

    i figure, hey, i'm from Georgia, i need some peachy perfume :smile:
  4. I wear Jo Malone pretty much exclusively..'cause I like her scents..I use the honeysuckle and jasmine layered with the lime basil and mandarin..and for fall winter..I used the pomegranate lasts..and it's not so heavy people choke when they come near you..I think the body a little heavy however..
  5. I like her scents, but the pricetag puts me off, too, Amanda!
  6. i have heard wonderful things about her perfumes on but haven't smelled them personally...but i wouldn't bat an eye at $90 perfume if i liked it a lot. that's how much my sig. scent costs in the EDP formulation. i think. it's been a while since i bought it...the big 3.5 oz bottles last me six months to a year (2x a day application, 3 baby sprizes max). if you store them right, perfumes can last for a long time, so it's not that bad. :smile:
  7. I have two Jo Malone fragrances. Grapefruit & Basil and the Honeysuckle & Jasmine. I'm more partial to the Grapefruit scent, as it lasts longer, and is lighter for the warm weather.
  8. I have the red roses edc which I have to order from London as they don't sell it in the middle east. I love Jo Malone fragrances!!
  9. I've been using the Grapefruit cologne for years, but lately find that the smell of grapefruit is started to make me :sad:
  10. well i can still smell the perfume a tad this morning, so it appears to be long-lasting! i put it on yesterday afternoon. i think i'll order some today (jo malone has free shipping and free samples with all orders from her site, plus i wouldn't pay 8% sales tax like i would at NM) while i'm trying to decide which freakin' bag i want next.
  11. ^^^Love JM scents, so fab! What about the Botkier, I'm dying for someone to get this and do a review!
  12. i saw a small presentation about her.. she mixes the scents and sends them out on her own, she started this for herself and it b came a business.

    dior addict is nice too
  13. i've almost ordered the botkier about 1000 times, but then people started talking about the MJ elise that i saw the same day, and i can't afford both, and i don't knoooooow which one i want :sad:. i should just order the botkier, because it's so much more functional, but the can't get the MJ out of the back of my head. so i'm tossing around the ideas and trying to figure out if the MJ is just a passing fancy.

    and i really liked that article about scents, i hadn't thought about big-name versus small 'indie' scents at all, but i like the idea of smelling nice but not smelling LIKE something. like, i don't want someone to sniff me and go 'oh, dior' or 'oh, chanel.' i'd rather someone sniffed me and went 'what IS that? it's fabulous!' so i think i'm going to order the jm.....
  14. Amanda,

    The Nectarine & Honey sounds so yummy, I just ordered a bottle. They did have a smaller size for $50, so I ordered that one to see if I like it.