jo malone sales?

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  1. hi. does anyone know if Jo Malone ever goes on sale, and if it does, when? i just discovered it and really like it. thanks a bunch.
  2. I have been buying Jo Malone for a few years now, and I have NEVER seen it on sale. But, I only buy it from Neiman Marcus, so maybe somebody can correct me.

    I like the French Lime Blossom line. Which one do you like? ;)
  3. I dont think it goes on sale at all..they do have some promotion stuff time to time..
  4. Yep, never once seen it on sale. Hell, I pay OVER retail for it when anyone I know is going to London! LOL My favorite is Fleurs de la Foret, which isn't available in the US. I also absolutely love Orange Blossom, and French Lime Blossom.
  5. never seen it on sale, and high-end fragrance usually never goes on sale, no matter what brand. if there's a jo malone store, they might occassionally mark down seasonal things, but i highly doubt you'll ever see anything marked down at a department store.
  6. Never seen it on sale.

    My faves are pomegranate noir, blue agava & cacao, and wild fig. I love jo malone stuff
  7. I too have never noticed Jo Malone on sale.
  8. They don't go on sale, but I bought a perfume from Saks at 20% last time they had their F&F sale.
  9. i buy jo malone all the time and i've never seen it on sale either.. gawd i LOVE her stuff!!!!
  10. Been using it for 2 yrs. now and i loveeee it:heart: i mix orange blossom and verbenas and I get alot of complements.. try it ladies..:tup:hmmm...:graucho:
  11. blue agava & cacao is my favorite of all time!

    i smelled it on someone at a show and HAD to have it.
  12. I agree with most of the posts re: it going on sale...I have seen it on eBay, but would never buy fragrance on eBay, because of experation and quality control ie: if product got extremly hot or cold, it would effect the product.

    Jo Malone is all that I wear, I have 3 different fragances, 2 for spring/summer and 1 for fall/winter...and one of them layers nicely with the two others, I highly recommend experimenting with layering. I am sorry though, I can't give my secrets away, I like smelling like no one else. I get SO many compliments by men and women.
  13. Love Orange Blossom, Lime & Basil (I think that's the name), and Red Roses. Also have the candle in Orange Blossom. Great products. I try to get free samples with my purchases, or have people get them for me as gifts!
  14. I too would love to know if her cologne ever goes on sale. I really like a new scent: Vanilla and anise.