JLO's Bag

Sweetea said:
I know but the bag is nice and interesting though..anymore info about the bag? Thanks Greenie.

Its called croc tote. very expensive. I love the green. :amuse:

Here's a better picture from bagsnob.com in blue (pretty but love the green).


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Wow! and it does looks expensive. How expensive it is?? I want to know..pleaasse.
It's weird how I couldn't find any information about this bag of roger vivier in the internet. I type "roger vivier bag or roger vivier" and I didn't see anything that relate to the bag! except one and it ebay but it was for shoes and I went there and I saw those shoes and wow I though to myself again.. this roger vivier guy must be just really talented and good! Those shoes are gergeous! but some are super expensive. Yea..well and I think the site says that he design the shoes for the Queen of England too.
Inky ... I didn't even know that JLo has handbags in her coterie of 'designs'. She does seem to always get the latest and greatest of bags ... and ALWAYS the top of the line (still love the super-large Fendi Python Spy that she was carrying around) ... hate her! :nuts:
I am not JLo fan either especially with her Fur thing that she is crazy about. I could never wear anything with real fur after seeing those videos from PETA showing how those people skin the animals while they are a life. And that totally change my opinion for those people who love to wear fur.
I could have been reading about a different bag but I saw in a mag one time that she paid around $10K for a croc bag. Can't remember if it was that one or another one. I'm sure she has a whole closet full of of them.