JLo's bag: What is it?

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  1. Can anyone identify this brown bag that J Lo was photographed using a day after the Oscars?
    jlotan2.jpg jlotan4.jpg jlotan6.jpg
  2. That is a Chloe Silverado bag.
  3. Yep. that looks like one!
  4. Yick, what's that nasty ho sticking in her maw?
  5. I love J Lo.
  6. Bluefly has that bag right now for $1384...somebody buy it!!!
  7. :amazed: Just look like the gal is enjoying some chewing gum! Doubt I look fab w/ my mouth gaping open either! Thank God no one wants to photograph me, they'd see me pulling outmy wedgie on the way out of the gym this morning too!

    I LOVE that bag, Neimans at the Houston Galleria had one last week.
    Isn't one of our members selling her's on eBay/Marketplace now?
  8. Easy!!the amazing chloe silverado in brown!!
  9. Does this come in only python skin or is there a non-python silverado out there?
  10. I've never seen a python one IRL. I don't think J LO's is python{?} I can't tell though.
    They definitely are not all python.
  11. The bag in the picture is not python - I have seen them IRL and in my opinion they are nothig special, especially in the darker colors.
    (then again I hate/read irrational fear of/ snakes and can't even touch their skins without having a small anuerism.)
  12. Is this the large silverado tote then? Or the doctor's large?
  13. I think it's the large chocolate silverado, not the doctor bag but I could be wrong.
  14. No, it's not the Doctor, here's pics of both - Doctor is 2nd photo.
    It looks like the large tote - both photos from neianmarcus.com
    LargeSilverado.jpg silveradoDoctorLarge.jpg
  15. Looks like the Silverado Hobo in chocolate. It's the only silverado I know of with one long and wide strap. I have a medium in tan color. She must have a large.
    Silverado hobo.jpg