JLo- Que Hiciste?

  1. How hot is Jennifer Lopez in her new video! I don't understand one word of it, but DAMN she always looks good when she's made up for the camera! She is so hot, she really makes me question myself (LOL)....Something about her, is just me or just she just exude sexiness or what?
    How did Marc Anthony ever land her?
  2. She is a very gorgeous woman but I personally cant stand her or Marc Anthony.
  3. ^^^ ita
  4. very pretty woman but, geeze, she gives "high maintenance" a whole new meaning ...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to demanding.
  5. Love is blind.
  6. Can someone post pics from her new video?
  7. LOL Mr Puff and I are convinced that Mark became her stylist, there was such a dramatic upgrade in her clothing and overall look since they married!
  8. I saw it yesterday I wasnt really impressed but she still looks gorgeous.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. ITA. I just admire her looks.
  11. Jennifer Lopez is a very very good looking woman