JLH and her Louis

  1. I loooove this dress!!!! :love:

    I typically don't like the cherried LV's but this looks really cute!
    Ebay.jpg ebay3.jpg
  2. She is sooo beautiful!
  3. Yep, this picture made me want the cerises bucket sooo bad :love:
    I didn't liked it before... But now :heart:
  4. I'm still not feeling the bucket.. but she looks great !
  5. i'm not a fan of the bucket but i looks great on her.
  6. Wow, looks great on her! Love that dress too.
  7. Who else loves that her shoes, match the patina on her bag?!
    Cos I do!!!
  8. looks good on her. is this a recent pic BTW?
  9. I just bought the petite bucket last week and I love it!
  10. Not a fan of the cherry's collections and not a fan of Jen....But I love the bucket PM :biggrin:
  11. This should have been posted in the celebs thread, it'd be great there, don't think we have any of her. To be honest I love the cerise line so much I would take any piece from it.
  12. You know what. When your that pretty, you can carry a bucket filled with Poo and look fabulous!!!!!
  13. Love her dress!
  14. I have the speedy:yahoo:, wouldn't trade it for the bucket if they paid me. Is it just me or does she look really :mad: in the second photo?
  15. She's so cute!