JK Rowlings shoes! by who??

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  1. Hi! sorry for the appalling pic quality, but any ideas on the shoes?? Are they Chanel? They look a little Tods-esque with the two tone & what looks to be canvas.


    thanks for your input!

  2. I reckon it's an ''inspired by'' pair. I think I saw one of these in L.K. Bennett before, LOL!

    P.S. Read somewhere J.K Rowling loves L.K. Bennett.
  3. really? I didn't know that! thanks Bee! you're a star!:biggrin:
  4. OH I don't see the picture :sad:. I love LK Benett too. Too bad they don't retail here in N.A.
  5. There is an LK Bennet outlet store about an hours drive from me mwuahahahaahahaahaaahaah I have to be very strict with my self.......:biggrin:
  6. LK Bennet outlet? PAPrincess, please share the info, where is it? And do they have good stuffs there?