JJ Abrams 'Cloverfield'

  1. Don't know if any of you are geeks like me, but I am totally stoked for JJ Abrams new monster movie 'Cloverfield' to be released 1-18-08. There is a ton of viral internet marketing going on and I just love stuff like that. So much mystery behind what kind of monster it is going to be, if there will be connections to other Abrams associated shows, etc.

    Did anyone else get excited about the new trailer that was released with Beowulf? Does anyone have any theories they want to share?
  2. I have no theories but I will be in the theater opening weekend to check this out!!
  3. yes, looks exciting!!! cant wait!!!! must see!
  4. interesting...
  5. I saw the trailer on apple.com and it is intense! That shot of the Statue of Liberty's head rolling down the street is freaky.:s
  6. It's def going to be intense. there is so much internet speculation about what the monster (or monsters!) is going to be. There are websites that you wouldn't think to associte with the movie, but they are Alternate Reality Games (ARG) that are being "played" on forums similar to this one. The obsess over the movie like we do over purses! It is so crazy! So far, nothing substantial has been found out, and it's killing me!
  7. I saw the trailer recently and I am intrigued as well. I think the monsters are reptile/insect-looking aliens that hatch from whatever fell from the sky.
  8. I've been keeping up with this since the beginning. It was fun watching the clues be found over the internet and you better believe I was just as excited for this trailer as I was for Beowulf! Have you seen the few frames of the trailer that shows part of the monster? My husband is sure it's Gamera but I think it's going to be an original monster. What stood out in the trailer for me was the fast scene where two men in bio suits were trying to control a woman and just before the camera turns away, you hear a "blurb" noise and suddenly she inflates like a bubble!! It's so scary cause all you see are their shadows! Whatever this thing is I have a feeling it uses people for reproducing. Scary!
  9. :nuts:
  10. I am really excited about this movie!
  11. I can't see the monster that people think is in that few frames. It's just too dark. That woman blowing up is pretty nuts. I hope it's some sort of original monster. There is talk about it being inspired by H. P. Lovecraft monsters, namely Cthulu. Def gonna be a monster of the sea or at least have something really important to do with the sea (if you've been following Slusho.jp stuff). There are just so many great theories. I'm so excited it's only a couple months away. I would die if it were the end of next year or something!
  12. ^ oh ok! I see it now! Hmm! Looks like a dinosaur to me :sad: Gosh I hope it isn't! Maybe it's just piece of a building or something!
  13. I'm seeing more and more previews for this movie and I want to know what "IT" is!! Anyone else hear any more rumors? I know I shouldn't encourage spoilers but I'm too curious!!! :hysteric:
  14. I believe this is true. My DH is a gaming GEEK and is in the know w/ this kinda stuff. He said it is based on the H.P. Lovecraft stuff.