Jinhee Slim Tote

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  1. Would this make a good every-day laptop bag?
  2. Depends on your laptop. It is a very thin bag.
  3. Hey nanette! I don't have the Jinhee anymore, but I do believe it would make a great laptop bag. The bag fits quite a bit of stuff. I even made a youtube video about it. I know for a fact that my macbook fits in there. I hope I've helped!
  4. thanks...i went ahead and got it. for the most part, i only carry my handbag and my laptop bag to/from work, and its only for the walk from the car to the desk. and...i rarely add any paperwork in there, so i think it will be fine!

  5. No Jinhee? I thought you were loving it?
  6. I was swolfcg! But after looking it over, I saw dried up leather spots on it as well as scratches.=( On top of this, I also found the sample sale tag inside, so I knew it had been around. I contacted Nitza about it and she apologized profusely. I decided to return both for a WYETH TOTE! And I know the WYETH will be :heart:love:heart: for the likes of moi. So everything worked out for the best. :tup:
  7. #7 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    How long did it take for them to process your return?
    I'm sure you will love the umber luxe Wyeth. Very chic, and unique.
  8. I contacted them the day of and returned it Tuesday of this week. I tracked the UPS shipment and it was delivered to them today, so I'm hoping everything will ship out next week. I've been contacting Nitza a lot the last few days, so she's up to date on it. Plus, she called me first to apologize which was a great touch!
  9. i love my jinhee so much i ordered it in all 3 colors.... she is a great bag, congrats!
  10. wow! what are those three colors? you'll have to post a group photo:drool:
  11. Can't wait to see your photos, pursegal!
    (I have one on the way too.)