Jinhee Slim Tote - Pics?

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  1. Does anyone have IRL pics of the Jinhee? What are your thoughts on this?

    I love the Blueberry color for fall, but I'm tempted to try the Khaki on sale.
  2. It is a beautiful bag IRL, BUT I tried it on and found it too big for my 5-1 frame. It is somewhat structured.
  3. You know, I didn't give it a second look in khaki, but the blueberry was gorgeous!
  4. I have the khaki/black patent, but no pictures with me at the moment. It's a beautiful bag and very very functional. The patent leather is unbelievable soft and touchable. I think it is a wonderful bag. The only thing I am not sure is the Khaki color, the pictures on the website are very light, but the real color is almost mustard yellow. I think I would love it more if the color is lighter. But the bag is still one of my favorites non the less.
    By the way, I am 5'1'' as well, but i don't think it's too big for me. It's long, so it sits well on the shoulder. And the large chain makes the bag look soooooo much better, so fashionable and unique.
  5. Thanks for your description s627y - if you have time to take pics... that will be great. I don't know about the mustard color...But I do like yellow.

    gestapolollipop - ITA - the blueberry is just WOW!
  6. I thought it was more Grey Poupon mustard than French's mustard.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: