jinhee as a diaper bag???

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  1. For anyone who has the Jinhee bag ... do you think that it would be feasible to use as a diaper bag (since I HATE all of the traditional diaper bags that I have seen) or is it too fiddly to get in and out of ...

    I guess I could try to drive out to the nearby Von Maur's here and give it a try in real life, but it is just so bloody cold here ... Speaking of which, for anyone who has been to one of the MN Von Maur's recently, do they have the Jinhee there?
  2. Dimensions: 16-1/2" L x 14" H x 3" D

    It looks even smaller than 3'' deep, can you use something that small? Plus the drop is only 7'', which looks really tight. It would be tough to just throw this over a shoulder, unless you are petite or very thin.
  3. I was there today. They didn't have one. They slimmed out there HH collection. :sad:
  4. Thanks for the update on the Von Maur selection -- although it is a sad update :crybaby:
  5. One of the patent Corcovados would make a great diaper bag, if it will fit comfortably over your shoulder. My kids are out of diapers, unfortunately, but it still makes a "lug all my kids stuff" kind of bag.
  6. And I do believe the 'slimming' is due to being sold out - my CS person there tells me HH is surprisingly popular (hmmm, who woulda thought, eh?). They are waiting on the Spring 09 line to come in ... she's going to give me a call when it does ...
  7. The Jinhee is very flat, IMHO, not a great diaper bag. If I were looking for a fabulous diaper bag, I would get one of the patent Corcovados. Stain resistant on the outside, nylon lining inside, comfy strap, and roomy with lots of pockets.
  8. Good to know! I went kinda late yesterday. I didn't see anyone in the handbag department. Which was strange. PM me when you get the call.