Jimmychoo.com now 50% off!

  1. The 2007 Spring/Summer Collection that was previously marked 30% just dropped to 50% off!!!
    I got a Maddy!!
  2. thanks for posting, gotta check it out.
  3. OMG so many great shoes. can't decide what to get.
  4. OMG.. they have soo many shoes that I would love to have but they don't have my size in anything. :sad: I hate having such small feet.
  5. Thanks for posting!! Looking now :smile:
  6. Thanks for posting! I just bought the Ramona Biker Leather and Watersnake bag in tan...can't wait to get it!! It came out to $960 (including shipping & duties), and Saks is still selling the same bag for $1,850!!
  7. yeah, but did anyone notice the $42.00 shipping charge??
  8. I agree shipping is expensive, but JC is shipping it from UK via DHL including insurance so it's reasonable. Also, don't forget they subtract the VAT off the discounted price as well if you're outside EU.