jimmy mahala black or electric blue?

  1. ok so I bought the black mahala love it then I saw the electric blue mahala. Now I need a black bag which is why I bought the black really loved the red but of course so did everyone else. I'm on the waiting list for the Red patent Ramona at bergdorf. Just wondering should I keep the black or get the electric blue. So confused just wondering, does anyone actually own the electric blue. please totally confused, a little input.
  2. I will go for the blue - Im actually waiting till next week to order it thru jimmy choo web site....... I hope they still have it - last week they were all out.....
  3. :nuts::nuts: electric blue is stunning!
  4. def. electric blue
  5. electric blue for sure!! [​IMG]
  6. Me too:yahoo:
  7. Love the blue!! My BF knew I wanted one and gave it to me for a gift. I love her!! Gourgeous.
  8. Oops, make that my BFF. I dont want her to possibly read this and think I was calling her my boyfriend. LOL.
  9. Ok guys you were all great help.Ii actually have decided to keep the black Mahala because I do need a black bag and it's functional and wonderful I also will be buying the Electric blue, is that stupid to buy the same bag in two different colors? Kare do you use your blue a lot? I just can't get the color out of my mind.
  10. Well, I don't think it is stupid to own two Mahalas( I have a silver and a black, not to mention the red Maddy). The black is great and I say go for the blue. Although ,the new Aubergene Mahala is pretty fantastic too.:graucho:

  11. I agree with Samantha, I say there is nothing wrong with owning different colors of the same bag:nogood: I love the Ramona, Riki, Maddy and the Mahala and at different times this year, I have owned more than one of each bag in different colors (except for the Maddy) and if all goes well, I may add another Mahala to my growing collection:yahoo:
  12. Just got it recently, but think it looks fantastick with jeans and more casual dress. IMO black is classy, but alot of black is too basic looking in bags, Not in Mahala though,;) it has alot of interest in any color:yes:.
    My friend that gave me the blue. She had bought blue & black. She loves black bags and kept that and I became the proud owner of the blue.:yahoo:She found the blue too flashy as she is a bit more Chanel minded. I am hoping she may want to give the black to me too! LOL!!:yes::yes:
  13. Kare, what a fantastic friend! Congratulations. The blue Mahala is a gorgeous bag. Would love to see pictures.

    To add to the "buying multiple bags in different colors", I am waiting for a gold Troy:love: I love my brown one soooo much I had to go for the gold! I will post pics when she arrives from London!
  14. I wish I had friends with the same bag loving spirit I have, but unfortunately none of my friends are into designer bags:crybaby: and they think I am crazy...
    Congrats Samantha on your gold Troy:nuts: Can't wait to see pictures of you modeling, but you could carry a brown paper sack and make it look AWESOME:yes:
  15. well it is nice to know others appreciate pieces like a great bag, and your not crazy. Bags and shoes are great staples to a wardrobe. They both can make or break a look I believe if you have a great outfit that you put time and spent good money can look cheap with a horrible bag or shoes. Besides to be honest some bags such as Jimmy Choo can also be works of art.