Jimmy Choos - too small or fine?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
    Got my first pair of Jimmy Choo Erin 60 in size 38 on sale. But my problem with shoes sometimes is that my left foot is 38, but the right one is kinda 38,5 :biggrin: So here is my left which seems to fit well (you can see the left foot here as well):
    And here is the right which hangs over a bit :annoyed:
    fullsizeoutput_14d4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_14d6.jpeg

    Unfortunately 38,5 is sold out :sad: So, what do you think? Is it horrible or am I exaggerating?:confused1:
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  2. Frankly speaking, if I were you, this would definitely annoy me. :shocked:
    Are the shoes fit comfortably on both feet? It doesn't matter how much you have saved on sales, if the shoes are not comfy, you won't wear them. Better wait for the shoes in the right size. On the other side, if they are very comfortable, just keep them. I don't think people will pay that much attention..... :biggrin:
  3. Too small.
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  4. They look small. :sad:
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  5. I have the same issue where one foot is bigger than the other. In a way it's a losing battle, if you stay with this size the bigger foot will stick out but if you get a bigger size the smaller foot would leave too much room in the back. In my opinion buy and wear what is comfortable:smile:
  6. Thank you all for the input! I see myself that they look quite tight and might become unbearable to wear for a longer period of time. Even though they feel comfortable in the toe box the hanging heel is not okay. Gonna return them.
    Nice to hear that I'm not alone! :biggrin: I think that 38,5 would fit perfectly in this case because the left foot, even though not hanging over like the right one, is sitting right on the edge anyway.
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  7. Sounds like to made a sounds decision based on comfort :smile: Too bad the size you are looking for is sold out. Hope another a pair of perfect Choo's will find their way to your closet soon :P
  8. Too small
  9. I think you've already decided to return, but I would just keep in mind they likely would stretch with wear and your foot may slide forward more, making them eventually the right size.
  10. Already returned them, but now starting to doubt my decision :hrmm:
    On the other hand, I also got a pair of Romy pumps in 38 the next day and the right foot felt pretty crammed in them, so they went back as well. Now waiting for Romy in 38.5 :biggrin:
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  11. Hi sounds like your having a difficult time with fit, both my feet are totally different in shape and not one pair of pointy toe pumps fit as they should , I know you find they them cramped in the toes but the romy, Able, Fit similar yet Anouck is much tighter so despite trying different sizes it creates another fitting problem like heel slip .
    People I know who buys the pointy toe JCs all sacrifice comfort at first because the leather molds to your foot shape but retains its lovely original shape , well apart from if you have bunions like I have ! , really hope the next pair is more successful , Sharon
  12. I prefer a high heel to be a little tight, they hurt me more when too loose, I think because it's hard to keep it on. Hope your new shoes fit you well though! You could always pad if you have to.
  13. I think you were right to return. Heels or toes hanging over is not a great look.