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  1. I have been trying to find more info on my Favorite bag designer, but have not had much luck. Can some of you give me some history behind how Jimmy :choochoo: bags came about? I've searched the Internet and Cosmo provided some great info on the request for a JC forum, but I want more.:confused1:
  2. This is from jimmychoo.com ...


    Jimmy Choo, maker of glamorous accessories favoured by international stars and elegant women worldwide, was launched in 1996.

    As accessories editor at Vogue UK, Tamara Mellon sensed a real demand for stylish but wearable shoes and approached Mr Jimmy Choo, a couture shoe-maker based in the East End of London, recognized for his excellent craftsmanship.

    Tamara partnered with Mr Jimmy Choo to start the ready to wear company and sourced factories in Italy to produce the shoes on a larger scale. Consequently, plans were made to open the first Jimmy Choo stand alone boutique and to develop the wholesale business throughout the fashion capitals of the world.

    In April 2001, the expansion of Jimmy Choo took a significant step forward with the announcement of a new partnership with Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd. Equinox acquired Mr Choo’s share of the ready to wear business with Robert Bensoussan, Equinox’s chief executive becoming CEO of Jimmy Choo. Within 3 years, the company opened twenty six new stores, (in addition to the existing four) and introduced both handbag and small leather goods collections.

    This was followed by another dramatic move on 19th November 2004 with Lion Capital announcing the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Jimmy Choo, in a transaction valuing the company at £101 million.

    In February 2007, Jimmy Choo once again made the headlines after being acquired by TowerBrook, a deal which valued the company at £185 million. Whilst TowerBrook hold the majority stake, Tamara Mellon will continue to oversee the company's creative direction, working in close collaboration with Creative Director, Sandra Choi. Robert Bensoussan remains as CEO, continuing to oversee the company's development.

    With 2007 marking the eleventh anniversary of the company, Jimmy Choo now enjoys the visibility of a major luxury brand with over 60 branded stores in many of the world's top locations.

    Here are some other details that I have pieced together from news clips, magazine articles, etc...

    * August 2003 -- JC launches its handbag line and the Tulita bag was an instant sellout.

    * 2005 -- JC followed up with the Ross bag, a key “it” bag of 2005.

    * Early 2006 (either for Cruise 05/06, or Spring/Summer 06; haven't pinned this down) -- The Ramona, probably JC’s biggest hit yet, is released.

    * Fall 2006 -- The Mahala, which has also enjoyed huge popularity, is released.
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  6. So what about the actual Mr. Choo, is he even involved anymore?
  7. Vanity Fair did a major story about Tamara Mellon, the founder of Jimmy Choo back in 2005. Here is an excerpt from a Dominick Dunne article later in vanity fair:

    Tamara Mellon, a phenomenon in the business world, was the subject of a major profile in Vanity Fair by Evgenia Peretz in August 2005. In 1995, Tamara had gone into business with her neighborhood cobbler, Jimmy Choo, backed by her wealthy father, the late Thomas Yeardye, a colorful fellow who had been engaged in the 1950s to Diana Dors, the British version of Jayne Mansfield. Tamara knew what rich young women like her wanted, and she targeted that audience. The business, known as Jimmy Choo, took off into the stratosphere, and the shoes soon became the preferred footwear of smart ladies everywhere, despite—or perhaps because of—their hefty price tag. Somewhere along the line Tamara Mellon bought out Jimmy Choo, but she kept his name for the company. She reportedly cleared $100 million when she sold her majority shareholding in 2004. She was not yet 40.
    In 2000 she married Matthew Mellon, whose father had committed suicide when Matthew was 18, and who inherited $25 million when he turned 21. Though there were 13 more trusts to come, Matthew was brought up by his mother in New York City to think that he wasn't one of the rich Mellons. "Playboy" is an old-fashioned word, but it captures the antics of the young heir, who experienced all the drawbacks of too-much-too-soon trust-fund kids. As a student at the University of Pennsylvania, for example, he rented a 10-bedroom house for parties and fun.
    Matthew and Tamara were married at Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of the Dukes of Marlborough, in the presence of 300 friends. They lived in grand style in Belgravia and had a daughter named Araminta, who is now four and always referred to as Minty Mellon. Matthew began his own shoe business for men, called Harry's of London, after a Mellon relation, and it was relatively successful. Built like sneakers, the shoes cost about $400 and had rubber soles with a stork logo, taken from the Mellon-family crest. But Matthew, who had a history of drug problems, eventually fell back into his old bad habits—disappearing, acting up—and the fairy-tale marriage fell apart in 2003.
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