Jimmy choo

  1. Hi ladies m looking to buy a pair of black pumps for work and I've sort of limited myself to 2 pairs of Jimmy choos. The first is 2 /2 inches while the other is 3 1/2. Ive never had or tried any jimmy choos so I'm not sure how comfy they will be. Can anyone help?


  2. My Choos are very comfy! More comfy than CLs or Gucci.
  3. The second pair looks like Gilberts - which is very comfy for me.
    The toebox is slightly narrow though.
  4. i´d go for the second with 3 1/2 inch, if your feet are not too wide. the toe box is a little narrow. they look really classy. i wear them all day in the office and they are the most comfy heels i have.
  5. In my experience, Jimmy Choos are pretty comfortable. I like the second pair.
  6. The Jimmy Choo Gilbert shoes are my most comfortable designer high heel. I can literally stand and walk in them for six hours without sitting. For reference, I have narrow feet and also wear Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Versace, and the Kenneth Cole 925 technology high heels.
  7. I have heard that Jimmy Choo's are very comfortable compared to CL and other brands, I personally do not own a pair as my feet are in between 2 sizes I would be a 39 and 3.4 which they don't make a 40 is too big and a 39.5 is too small :sad: I know Oprah swears by hers though and I know she will go all day wearing them. Hope that helps