Jimmy Choo Wedges Question


May 2, 2014
I've been wanting to buy the Pandora wedges for a while now but what's stopping me is the lack of any kind of support at the back - I'm worried they'll be uncomfortable and clompy with my heel lifting from the shoe every time I take a step. Flip flops are one thing because they're thin and light but I'm not sure how comfortable flip-flopping around in a heavier wedge will be. Can anyone with Pandoras (or perhaps even similar styles with no support in the back) please tell me if they're uncomfortable or if you get used to it?


Jul 7, 2009
Owns alot of jc wedges, I think they are the most comfortable wedges ever. It is light and easy to wear. Even sometimes I feel bored wearing wedges but none feels lighter and comfortable like them.

I honestly think their thongs style is very very unstable even though It never come in the 4'7" wedges size. But the slip on style is the most comfortable and more stable even when it comes 4'7", I often wore it for overseas day trip, from 6am catching morning flight, walking around and spend a few hours shopping and catch the evening flight and reach home at 10-11pm with only a lil bit of tire in my feet with the 4'7" slip on wedges. But with the thongs 2'7" I often almost fall down when I step in an uneven floor, around the ankle area.

Went to jc stores in singapore last month when the sa asked me which one more comfortable I said the slip on, she said "yes the thong is a bit unstable".


Jun 25, 2014
its a great shoe and very comfortable it just runs very small. most people go almost a whole size up.