Jimmy Choo v. Steve Madden

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  1. So, I literally have 2 pairs of these Jimmy Choo Momo flats:


    ...not to mention a pair that are without cutouts in gold.

    I am completely obsessed with these flats because they are so comfortable, and have always wished to find them in black. The other day, I walked into a Steve Madden store. I've never owned any Steven Madden shoes, mainly because none of the styles ever spoke to me. However, the other day, I chanced upon SM's version of the Jimmy Choo shoes, in black, and decided that I had to have them. What do you guys think? I feel a little conflicted, because I'm so opposed to "counterfeiting" in general, but how do you feel about "inspired" products? There were several shoes in SM that looked like shoes from other designer brands...namely, these Louboutin-like heels that all the celebrities (the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie...etc) have been photographed wearing. Should I keep these shoes, or return them?

  2. if you like them, keep them. you can always get the choos in black if you ever find them!
  3. I don't own SM shoes because I'm not a fan of the "Knocking off" of some of the high end shoes like Loboutin,YSL, Gucci and Dior but they are cute and affordable. If you like them and they are comfy what's the difference.Right!?
  4. That's what I'm leaning toward. I mean, I already have 3 pairs of the "real" versions, right? I keep thinking, gosh, I could have purchased 5 pairs of the SM shoes for one of the Jimmy Choos. But then again, they are Jimmy Choos, and I love Jimmy (sorry if that sounds shallow...not meant to be) :heart: :love: .
  5. i prefere going safe with shoes:jimmy choo, by the way, is one of my favourite designers. i prefere sticking to the things i regularly use and of which i am sure od the quality.
  6. I have the Momos in silver! I love them and w/e I'm wearing it makes my outfit look good (b/c theyre cute & theyre Choos) I think you should keep them just to "beat up" They'll go with everything and if Jimmy Choo ever makes them in black you can get those to replace the SM.
  7. I think people on this board have a problem with "knockoffs" not necessarily "inspired by" items. In this case, to me, there's a big difference. SM isn't saying that his shoes 'are' Jimmy Choo's, he just has a shoe that looks similar to the JC. Perfectly legal. If you don't want to spend the money, not meaning you don't have it spend, get the SM's.
  8. I like steve madden. I don't think its a bad thing. After all SM isn't tricking anyone into thinking that his shoes are Jimmy choo's not everybody can afford to have 5 pairs of Jimmy Choo's especially with the changing fashions. So as long as the brand isn't trying to represent the original designer I think it is ok.
  9. It would depend on the quality for me. I haven't been crazy about the quality of SM shoes that I've seen in general. I do have a pair of sneakers by him though.
  10. Who cares? It's not as if the name is printed on the shoe...
  11. i say go for it, if the choos weren't ever made in black, what do they expect you to do but buy the closest thing you can find?
  12. i like steve madden. he makes cute trendy shoes...i especially like his flat shoes...

    i tend to be pretty hard on my shoes, so unless I'm sure that I'm going to take care of them, I don't spend too much on them.

    Luckily, I work 2 blocks away from Loehmann's (they always have GREAT designer shoes for like $150) so I don't break the bank for great shoes.
  13. Thats why I like SM. His shoes are trendy and inexpensive. ;)
  14. My roommate came home from Steven Madden today with two pair of shoes for $35. Sure, it's a great deal, but they will probably fall apart within a couple of wears!!
  15. I have a a few pairs of Sm and I wear them alot, I have had them for 2 yrs at least and when I am not wearing them I put them in the box and they are still in great condtion. I love SM cause when I want a pair of new shoes and can't go spend alot I can get great pairs for good price.