Jimmy Choo Tulita?

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  1. does anyone have this bag and what do you think of it? It's 14x10x4.

  2. At first I didn't like it, but the longer I stared at it the more I started to love it. I've never seen it in red before, just black, and I think it's even prettier in red :heart:3
  3. Addicted has one for sale in black. It's a beautiful bag. I think she only posted it because she needs to fund her Birkin!
  4. I like the bag alot, but stop short of saying I love it because the leather is too stiff for me!
  5. I think it's a very pretty bag. It has a classic style. Great color you posted!
  6. Very pretty, especially in red!
  7. Hi! I've recently become obsessed with getting a black or white Tulita. I know someone that knows someone selling a black Tulita. But it's a gold embossed tag inside. Is this real? From my knowledge so far, the inside metal tags are lilac. Thoughts?
  8. Bump:supacool:
  9. ^^ all the ones ive seen has a lilac metal tags as well... why dont u call the boutique and ask if a gold metal tags exist?
  10. I have one that I bought from the Choo boutique at South Coast Plaza, the tag inside is that lilac tag as well...
  11. I find the bag to be too stiff...and if I recall correctly, the handle was a bit challenging for me...
  12. I have this bag in a greenish color and I love it. The one negative thing I can say about it is the metal on the handles have a tendency to come undone (the metal that protects the leather has two pieces that connects over the leather and it comes undone frequently) The tag inside is lilac, there is a zipper pocket, two elastic side pockets and one pocket for business cards or something like it. I get compliments on it every time I carry it. The bag started out very stiff, but now has settled into itself and it is one I carry All the time. I have never seen the red in person, but the colors are all really rich. I hope you get it!
  13. I'm coveting the camel from the Spring '06 collection. I'm hoping to buy it off someone. Ahhh, so pretty with the braided gold chain in front.
  14. That's a beautiful bag and I love that shade of red. :love:
  15. I love the bag and I consider it a true classic