Jimmy Choo Tulita opinions

  1. I never really loved Jimmy Choo tulita bags but suddenly not sure but I fell in love with a basic black one.. should I? Is the look over? I really do not need it but that has never stopped me before..
    Advice please..
    Thanks in advance..
  2. I have a collection of Jimmy Choo--stayed away until I purchased my first tulita, then I was hooked. The quality is great, and they have lots of inside pockets. They have a lot of 'class'......I get more compliments on my Jimmy Choo bags than any of the others I have, which include Dior, LV, Prada, Tods, Gucci, etc...........go for it, you'll love it!!
  3. I have a dark green Tulita and still get lots of compliments on it. It's a great bag.
  4. I own a jimmy choo, not a tulita though.I'm not sure what that style is named,i absolutely love it.Very elegant and subtle.
    I wasn't a fan of jimmy choo,but i fell in love with this one :love:
  5. Go for it! I think the buckles are both trendy and classic. I am waiting for a great one on ebay!
  6. Photos?
  7. My first Jimmy Choo was a baby pink Tulita and after that I snatched up a Black and Navy Ramona, Ivory/Bone Theola Ross, and then a Black Theola Rianne.

    I was thinking of putting up a pictorial on authentic vs. fake Ramonas since I see a LOT of fakes on eBay at the moment but wonder if there is even a need? No one talks about Jimmy Choo on this board so I'll probably be wasting my time doing it for the 4 people who like Jimmy Choo. LOL
  8. ^^^I love Jimmy Choo bags, but they are too new to the market for me to justify the over $1500 price tags they have. Maybe after they've got another 5 years on the market, I'll rethink that. :shrugs:

    I DO love the styling of their bags though.
  9. Def. go for it!! I think Tulita is one of the greatest bags ever :love: